Halloween 2013

Hi Readers. So it’s officially my most favourite time of year: Halloween. I guess this really differentiates me as an American because, well, Americans are renown for being obsessed with Halloween, whereas the Kiwis, well, enjoy Halloween, but, well, that’s it. I can’t deny I love seeing the flurry of costume photos on facebook in the days following.

Although we [I] only spent a mere week making these costumes, I’m still pretty pleased with the result. Actually, our entire flat went as Aladdin characters (although ironically none of us was actually Aladdin. I mean lets be honest though, most of the supporting characters had more interesting personalities. Even the mute carpet!).

So without further ado, here are D & myself as the magic carpet and genie from Aladdin.

Halloween 2013: Aladdin's magic carpet & genie

Halloween 2013: Aladdin’s magic carpet & genie

Happy Halloween!


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