Websites that offer free international shipping

Sites with free shipping (info from 2013)

  • ASOS – definitely the leader with free delivery. They’re based in the UK so this one applies to the U.S. as well. I was initially hesitant to order from them, but they are now providing more sizing info, so I took the risk and ordered a dress a while back and was very pleased with the service!
  • Free People – Free worldwide shipping on orders over $150 – however their online customer service is terrible, so I can’t recommend them.
  • NastyGal – Free worldwide shipping on orders over $150. Which is awesome because they have the MOST AMAZING SHOES.
  • Dahlia – Free worldwide shipping on orders over ₤30. And such cute stuff!
  • Shoes of Prey – Custom designed shoes for you. Free worldwide shipping. Admittedly, it doesn’t come cheap.
  • Urban Outfitters – Free international shipping on orders over $50. [D recently exploited this and ordered 9 of these. They came in two enormous boxes and probably cost a small fortune to ship! There is no way they would have made any money from that sale.]
  • LuLus – Free worldwide shipping on orders over $150 using code Worldwide at checkout
  • Topshop – downside is that your order has to be £100 (approximately $158 USD, $190 NZD at the time of conversion). Admittedly I’ve never ordered from here.
  • Revolve Clothing – Free international shipping on orders over $100USD.
  • Shopbop – Free express shipping on orders over $100. Designer goods, so again the free shipping doesn’t exactly come cheaply.
  • Solestruck – Free U.S. shipping, Free international shipping on orders over $199 USD (as an aside, a huge stockist of Jeffrey Campbell)
  • Tobi – Free International shipping on orders over $100 USD, otherwise shipping is just $9.95.  Pretty much looks like Nastygal to me but might be worth a look.
  • Sheinside – Free worldwide shipping.  Lots of reviews by bloggers but some poor reviews by ordinary buyers (e.g. I’ve seen some complaints of items not arriving etc so I would proceed with caution).
  • Romwe – Free worldwide shipping. Pretty much like the site above – it looks like a marketplace…  I would call this “direct from China.”
  • Chicnova – As far as I can tell, free shipping. Again, same as above. Direct from China. But with slightly better photos.
  • Choies – Free worldwide shipping, no minimum. Lots of conversation pieces. Also do deals for bloggers who host their banner.  Again direct from China.
  • Persun – Free worldwide shipping, no minimum. So many cute bags! Also appears to be direct from China, but a clean looking site.

Sites with affordable shipping

  • Modcloth – Shipping is usually reasonable. Depends on how many items you order, but around $15-30 USD.
  • – but beware that many sellers will not send items internationally
  • River Island – Free in the UK, but £10.00 to NZ and the USA. Reasonable. And their clothes are cute (and not too expensive)!
  • ZeroUV – sunglasses only. $7.95 USD flat rate for international shipping!
  • T.I.L. Darling – Similar items to modcloth.  $15 USD flat rate
  • Rustic Vogue – Similar items to modcloth – some really great mod bags.  I did a trial order with one dress and one bag, and shipping was a very reasonable $16.25 USD.
  • ShopRuche – Similar items to modcloth.  I did a trial order which resulted in $25 USD to ship 3 items (the order total was $100 USD).

Sites with slightly less affordable shipping…

  • Evermicrush – starts at $9 USD up to $45 USD
  • Curator – I did a mock order (1 dress and skirt, FYI) and shipping was $35 USD

So what other sites have you come across that have either FREE or very affordable international shipping that I’ve missed out on?


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