Budget fashion. Budgeting, full stop.

Hi all.  Being a poor recently finished PhD student puts everything in perspective, budget wise.  I received a notification from pinterest the other week that something I had pinned had dropped in price (I suspect this is a new feature?).  It happened to be the amazing free people shoes I posted several weeks back that I was desperately coveting. They’ve dropped in price by a full $50. I haven’t had a new pair of sandals in 2 years and I think these would be perfect! They’re also rated as being super comfortable.

Free People coastal Woven Sandal WERE $110 NZD, now $61 but only 3 pairs left in my size!

But then I go and read Mr. Money Mustache, one of the newest blogs I’ve been following. Like all blogs out there, I take everything he says with a grain of salt (retired by 30??? I for one want a career so that really isn’t a life goal that appeals to me or seems reasonable for most people). But his blog provides a lot of incredibly sensible fiscal advice.  I liked  his post on wealth advice that should be obvious, and today’s post about The Rules.

So that has me thinking, do I really need these shoes?  Especially with money being very tight at the moment and the future (jobs!) being relatively uncertain at this point.  But alternatively, I love them, I would wear them heaps, I’ve waited for them to go on sale (twice now) and haven’t seen anything similar (except maybe crocs and don’t even get me started there.  ugh!).

Mr. Money Mustache encourages carefully considering each purchase.  I have been doing this much much more in the last 9 months (hence not many new items featured on my blog!).

With the potential of actually being employed full time and earning a wage on the not too distant horizon, there will be the opportunity to put Mr. Money Mustache’s suggestions into action.  I’ve been drafting various budgets left right and center lately, trying to take into consideration all potential costs.

I ended up being a very good little Mustacian in training and didn’t buy the shoes.  I’m a little sad, but I am trying to remind myself that I should not make any purchases of any kind until I’ve had a few paychecks and am back in the black.


7 thoughts on “Budget fashion. Budgeting, full stop.

    • What are you talking about?! You’re the one who isn’t shopping for a year! That takes far more willpower than I have.

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