Fabulous Frock Friday

Do you really need an excuse to wear that great dress?  You know, the one that has been hanging in your closet for months or even years?  The one you bought because it was on sale, or you just had to have it (even though you didn’t have a legitmate dress-required function coming up).  The fact that it’s Friday is enough.  Don’t let something beautiful hang in your wardrobe just because you don’t have any weddings in the near future, or you and your partner never get dressed up to go out anymore…  If you wait around long enough, your dress may go out of style so enjoy it now!  While it’s still fashionable and still fits.  Wear it on Friday.  Sure, your co-workers or friends may comment.  Just be gracious and say “Thank you.”  They may be curious and ask what the occasion is.  Tell them “Fabulous Frock Friday.”  Besides, don’t you want your amazing sense of style to be acknowledged?  And because it’s Friday, you may be going out for post-work drinks or dinner or something (maybe not.  maybe you’re just going home to the couch, or to the gym.  who cares!).  If not, it doesn’t matter, it’s Fabulous Frock Friday.  And that is reason enough.


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