OOTD: Work fits

I must start out be apologizing for the slightly potato quality photos in today’s post. Life has been super crazy lately (mostly consumed with the purchase and moving into a house), so outfit photos just haven’t been getting much priority. However, I had a few more in the backlog so I wanted to share.


Now, this photo is really awful and I’m so sorry, but I’m just excited to be wearing one of my favourite jackets again!  This zipper broke two years ago and I only just got around to finally replacing it (I don’t know why I procrastinated so badly, it actually was a pretty straightforward and easy repair!).  But I’m really stoked to be able to wear this parka again after having to shelve it for the better part of a year.


And yes, this photo is even worse, but let’s just ignore my face and concentrate instead on the cute sweater.  A great ebay find this year!


As we move into spring here in Australia, maybe I can finally loosen up on the dark colours and skinny jeans + boots + scarves that seem to be my uniform these days.  😛

I keep reading that skinny jeans are out, but for work I just find that they are so easy and functional (especially as I’ve been in the lab most days lately).  Do you find that a change in season can bring you out of a style rut?


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