OOTD: Work it

Hello readers!

A few more work recent outfits.  Sorry for the potato quality photos – it’s either that or no photos at all.  😦

IMG_20170609_125405 cr

scarf: seed, top: uniqlo, skirt: ebay, shoes: dr. martens

IMG_20170614_130031 cr

jumper: aliexpress, jeans: du jour, shoes: dr martens


jumper: aliexpress, top: jeanswest?, pants: thrifted, shoes: the iconic (adidas)

Sorry again for the weird photos.  However, I just adore these pants!  I found them in a NZ op shop over christmas and of course, couldn’t resist (houndstooth!!).  They weren’t a perfect fit, I did end up taking in the waist and hemming them, but now they fit perfectly!


love these shoes!

The shoes are another recent acquisition as I didn’t have a pair of basic black sneakers in my life.  I scored these on sale from the iconic and love them.  Though I do still have shoe envy for the pair my sister recently bought in the UK.

Again, apologies for the less than stellar photos – such is life these days.  But which look was your favourite?


Am I get older, or are current trends just getting uglier?

Hey readers!

So lately I’ve been a little disillusioned with store offerings.  They’re just…  kind of ugly.  I think it could be a result of my age.  I remember doing peasant blouses, tops with belled sleeves (oh, and I loved them too) and lace-up stuff in the late 90s.  Sure, the whole “cold shoulder” thing is new, but it’s so pervasive I’m already kind of over it.  Not only do I hate the current styles, but also it’s summer here down under, so all of the colours I see make me want to vomit.

I’m actually wondering whether I’m really a “fashion” blogger anymore when this is what is in fashion, and I’m choosing not to engage with it.

So here’s a post of some stuff I think is ugly, yet seems to be everywhere.


Portmans: Everything about this is awful.  The colours, the details, the print.


I don’t think the belled sleeves and print are enough…  I know, let’s add some bows!


Wow, just wow.  The print.  The sleeves.  The fact that it’s a playsuit.


I really want a dress that makes me look like I’m drowning in a sea of ugly floral print, and sets me back $260…


Just proving how equal opportunity ugly is – yes, this is from Witchery.

Instead, lately I’ve been buying a lot of “classic” or “basic” new items, and picking up stuff from the secondhand shops that is clearly 5-10 years out of fashion.  I can’t tell if I’ve just become really cheap, or really unfashionable.

A sign that you’re approaching your mid 30s may be when you won’t buy something that can’t be worn to work.  And let’s be honest, no one is going to take you seriously when you’re wearing the ridiculous stuff that is filling the stores right now.

What do you think of current trends?  Do you like what you see?  Would you wear any of the things I’ve posted here?

2017 goals

  1. Start 2017 off with a no-buy for 6 months.  No clothes.  No make-up.  It will have to be from today since I did a lot of unexpected shopping over our Xmas holidays, so lets say 17 of Jan to 17 of Jul.
  2. Sew more (continue using up my fabric stash!).  I made a pretty good effort last year, but there is still always more sewing to be done.
  3. Cook more vegetarian meals.  Meatless Mondays?
  4. Have at least $60k in savings by the end of the year (yes, it’s going to be a boring and frugal year).
  5. Be able to do 5 pull-ups.
  6. Skype my MN friends and family more often.
  7. Blog more regularly- try for 1 post a week [here we are halfway through January and I’m already behind!!].
  8. Make friends in the city we actually live in (all of our friends live in Melbourne – we haven’t made any local friends yet.  Yes, it is both shocking and incredibly slack of us).

So that’s all I can come up with for now.  I guess we’ll just see how I get on, won’t we?