My search for new online stores and brands to love continues

Hello, readers!

You may remember a few posts ago when I was lamenting the lack of brands to love? Well, I’ve found a new (well, new to me anyways) online store which I can’t help being a little excited about. Shabby apple. Have you heard of them already? They have a definite vintage vibe, but I would say they emit a much classier, and more sophisticated feel than modcloth. Admittedly they are not the cheapest store, but once again, you live in New Zealand and you eventually simply come to accept that you can’t get commodities for cheap.

Anyways, I have been browsing their site and can’t help but admit getting quite excited at some of their styles. Here are some of my faves:

I can picture this skirt pairing beautifully with many items. Also, so incredibly versatile and elegant! I’ve wanted a skirt like this since I did my 2nd street style feature.

Inverness skirt $62 USD

Beautiful wee bauble $47

How gorgeous is this dress?! $92 USD

…Now, before you get too excited, there is one downside to this online store. Well, there is no downside if you are stateside – free shipping on orders over $100. But if you are international, well shipping starts at $40 – yes you read that correctly – $40!! It makes me wonder if they are concerned about gaining international customers because for me that is simply prohibitively and ridiculously expensive. Especially for a single item. And if your order is over $100, well, shipping is $50 USD.

So sadly for them, they won’t be getting any of my business anytime soon, regardless of the fact that if you join their mailing list you get emailed a coupon for 10% off your first order.


Edited update:  I emailed Shabby Apple to comment on their prohibitively expensive shipping (as a potential customer who thought there stuff was cute and would be interested in placing an order) and never got a response.  So they get a big F for customer service.  Cute clothes but they are clearly not out to win over any customers so I can’t say I recommend them.


7 thoughts on “My search for new online stores and brands to love continues

  1. I’ve always loved Shabby Apple clothing, but they’re regular priced items are just too pricey for me (even with stateside shipping!). But I do agree that is outrageous for international shipping – so frustrating!

    • Yes, with so many options to order from in the US I can definitely appreciate that they are on the spendy side! But here in NZ our options are SO limited – some sites still don’t even offer international shipping (crazy, in my humble opinion). And then there are those that cost a fortune! Very disappointing. But I guess it helps limit impulse/unnecessary purchases! Haha.

    • I know! I am so in love with that skirt. But not for $40 in shipping. Would you believe I even emailed the company (to give them my 2 cents) and do you think I’ve had a response? Nope. Talk about rotten customer service.

  2. I have liked Shabby Apple’s styles for about 3 years now. But I have not bought anything, mainly because I can’t really spend that much on clothes. I did end up buying a really cute dress from a fellow blogger that was too big for her. I paid hardly anything for it but it wasn’t really my thing so I gave it to a friend. Honestly, there is no way I would have paid full price for it – the quality didn’t seem that good.

    • Thanks for your comment – that is good to know the quality was poor. Their customer service (no response to my email about shipping) has been poor as well. I certainly won’t be purchasing from them anytime soon with that sort of reputation!

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