OOTD: Casual + Fun

So I really have been decently good at taking outfit photos recently.  Here are a few more.


I recently wore this out for casual drinks with friends.  I know it’s not like, super cool or anything but sooooo comfy.



This is a recent work look.



Another recent work look which I think turned out really well.  And yes, I am still wearing these 6+ year old, totally not cool anymore anthropologie pants.  Because, why not?  I love them.



And what do you wear out when you’re in your 30s?  Apparently this.  Yes, I am wearing a shirt with cut-outs, a mini-skirt and heels.  #dontcare #DINK

Admittedly, I was dying to finally get to wear this skirt.  I bought it on ASOS around this time last year but the fit wasn’t quite right.  I finally got around to taking in the waist this weekend and am quite pleased with how it turned out.  I felt very 70s.

I feel like maybe I am supposed to outgrow my love of quirky, weird fashion and especially bold prints…  but I am starting to suspect I never will.

Which look is your favourite?


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