Would you try a vegan diet?

Hey readers!

So I read a really interesting study this week about Whole Food Plant Based diets.  The other week at yoga our teacher was going on about plant based diets and I was kind of like “yeah whatever” (I’ve always been more of an “everything in moderation” sort of woman) but then I saw this – admittedly smallish (~70 participants, I think) –  NZ study, where participants lost weight without counting calories.  There is also some evidence that such a diet has added health benefits such as lowering glycemic index, etc. etc.

Now readers, you may have noticed that I am not overweight, but this is only because I watch what I eat very carefully (D and I cook almost every single meal at home, I bring my own lunch every single day to work, I eat vegetables with every meal, I only drink water or tea).  I actually do count calories, bike to work 4-5 days a week, go to yoga once a week, and go to the gym between 2-4 days a week on top of that.  It honestly gets exhausting – I’m hungry like all the time.  And right now, I’m the heaviest I’ve been in over 2 years (admittedly still not overweight, but lets just say the trajectory is off).  I feel like I’m doing “all the right things” – apart from my minor chocolate addiction…  yet every day is a constant uphill battle and I really struggle to maintain my weight.

So when I read about a study where people didn’t count calories but still lost weight, I was curious.  It turns out they essentially stuck to a vegan, no oil, no refined sugar diet – but could actually eat as much as they wanted and still lost weight.

Now, I’m not obese and technically don’t need to lose weight – but maybe being a vegan might make it easier for me to maintain.  And would it really be that difficult to switch?  My lunches are already exclusively brown rice, veggies and tofu or beans…  but always include oil and usually cheese.  I barely get any servings of dairy these days as it is because counting calories (and dairy products usually have too many).

I’ve already been leaning towards trying to eat less meat in the last year or so.  But I never thought that I could go fully vegan (yogurt and ice cream are food of the gods).  However, it would be pretty awesome to be able to eat more and not have to count calories…  so I’m seriously thinking about it.  Given how much I feel I battle my weight and the disappointment I have had with my fitness results for several years now (I work out more than almost anyone I know…  I can even do pull-ups – which for most women is quite rare!  Yet I’m still quite ‘fluffy’)…  maybe switching to be a vegan would help me get the results (and slightly leaner physique) I’ve been seeking.

Furthermore, as I’m getting older I’m realizing that not only much of what we learned about nutrition is wrong, but that so many of us have a sedentary lifestyle (desk jockeys!) and that our knowledge about nutrition just hadn’t really caught up to the modern lifestyle.  And obviously, factory farming of animals is terrible.

Do you think you could give up meat, dairy, oil and refined sugar in exchange for health benefits?  Or are you skeptical that this is just another fad diet?



OOTD: Leaves

Hey reader! Thanks for stopping by.

So I finally have an outfit to post!  It’s been really difficult to get any photos lately with my cycling to work (i.e. I get ready at work almost every single day, so I can’t snap a quick photo before I leave the house like I often used to).  I spent some time this past weekend organizing some outfits so took some time to grab a photo of an outfit that I wore recently and felt quite good in.


top: aliexpress, bag: aliexpress, trousers: uniqlo, shoes: dune london

The top is from aliexpress.  I loved the print – however the fabric is much shinier than I like – though with aliexpress there isn’t much to be done.  The armholes were also absolutely ginormous so I sewed them up quite substantially.  However, I still think it’s quite wearable.  I like the boxy shape and think it will also pair well with jeans, and maybe even a high waist skirt.  We shall see.


back view – please disregard the wrinkles…?

Anyways, it’s one of a number of printed blouses I’ve been incorporating into my wardrobe  – at least 3 of which are from aliexpress because….  cheap.

I’m also loving the shoes and would love to pick up another pair in black.  They were also a bargain from Dune London – who are well worth a look – their sale prices are fantastic and their shipping reasonable.  The quality isn’t absolutely the best, but it’s not bad and if you like genuine leather (which I do) they might suit.

Happy Shopping!

Love/Hate LOFT

LOFT: Love the clothes, hate the store policies.

Or, yet another way I’m being punished for living overseas.

So I got an email the other day saying LOFT was having a sale.  I’m not supposed to be shopping but had a look anyways.  I like to browse, fill up fantasy shopping carts, pin stuff to my pinterest board, etc.

But I couldn’t work out why the sale prices weren’t actually showing up.  I had to live chat them, and apparently Loft online sales are only valid in the USA.  WTH?  Why bother shipping to foreign countries, promoting on your website that you ship to over 100+ countries…  and then not offer the sale to those other 99+ countries?

I actually got into it with the live chat person, who gave me some B.S. line about how it’s in accord with their policies and regulations.  When I asked specifically what regulations they need to follow, of course they weren’t able to answer and promised to follow up via email.

Also, typical, when I went to save the chat transcript so I could share with you their exact wording…  it crashed.

Loft is one of the brands I love – their stuff is so cute.  But I will not be paying full price ($70-100+ AUD for a shirt?  No thank you).  So apparently I will not be ordering at all, because sales do not apply to me, being a dirty ex-pat and all.

Great business model, LOFT.


How adorable is this skirt?!  I love it so much I could cry.  It’s also $90 USD.  😦

imageService (1)

This top.  Is perfect. $44 USD

imageService (2)

And this fabulous collar-less blazer.  $127 USD

So Loft, I love you.  But why must you hurt me so badly?  You know I almost never pay full price for anything, and I certainly won’t be starting with you, not with your attitude towards foreign customers.  It’s as if you don’t want my money.

[Why can’t everyone just be like ASOS with free international shipping and returns?!]