Whats on my wishlist

Hey readers.  Here in Aussie, we are nearly ready to start thinking about spring!  And even though I’m not really allowed to buy anything at the moment, I still have a few items on my wishlist which I’d like to share with you now.

  1. Boyfriend jeans

Jeanswest $69.99

I’ve only bought skinny jeans for the last 6 years or so…  maybe more.  It’s probably time for me to try to add a new silhouette.  I think boyfriend jeans would be the best fit – I can imagine living in these on the weekends!  Also, I’m not 100% on board with the distressed denim trend, but it definitely seems to be the look for boyfriend jeans…  Maybe I’ll give it a try.

2.  A Kimono


The Iconic $119

This embroidered kimono is totally chic and elegant.  I feel like it would be a really good alternative to a cardigan (which as we know, I am probably too reliant on wearing).  I love the look they’ve created here with black wet-look leggings, and have realized I need more khaki/olive green in my wardrobe!

3.  Balloon sleeve


Witchery $119

There is a lot of weird – for lack of a better term – stuff happening with sleeves right now.  Most of it, I’m not into.  But I’m actually digging balloon sleeves (Ok, photo here is technically a dolman sleeve, but I think you get the idea).

4.  Chunky sandals


Windsor Smith $129

Shoes are, and always will be, my strong game.  These chunky sandals are incredibly badass and I knew there was a reason I had been putting off getting new black sandals for something like 3 years now (yes, I am that picky)…  I need these in my life.

5.  This blouse


Dangerfield $58

It’s so weirdly retro.  I just love it.

What’s on your shopping wish list right now?


OOTD: Casual + Fun

So I really have been decently good at taking outfit photos recently.  Here are a few more.


I recently wore this out for casual drinks with friends.  I know it’s not like, super cool or anything but sooooo comfy.



This is a recent work look.



Another recent work look which I think turned out really well.  And yes, I am still wearing these 6+ year old, totally not cool anymore anthropologie pants.  Because, why not?  I love them.



And what do you wear out when you’re in your 30s?  Apparently this.  Yes, I am wearing a shirt with cut-outs, a mini-skirt and heels.  #dontcare #DINK

Admittedly, I was dying to finally get to wear this skirt.  I bought it on ASOS around this time last year but the fit wasn’t quite right.  I finally got around to taking in the waist this weekend and am quite pleased with how it turned out.  I felt very 70s.

I feel like maybe I am supposed to outgrow my love of quirky, weird fashion and especially bold prints…  but I am starting to suspect I never will.

Which look is your favourite?

What I wore: Outfit drop

Hi Readers!  I just wanted to quickly post some of the looks I’ve been rocking (or not?!  sorry about the somewhat potato quality photos too!) lately.  Almost all of these are looks I’ve been wearing to work (apart from the crazy huge yellow jacket – which I bought last year at the end of the season for $40 and only wore for the first time this past weekend!).  Yes, that is the identical cardigan in both yellow and orange, and I regret nothing.

I’ve been working a lot in our labs lately, so most of my looks have to be reasonably “lab friendly” e.g. closed toe shoes.  Also, it just seems so much more sensible to wear jeans in a lab than a skirt.

And even though I keep reading that skinny jeans are on their way out, I shall continue to pretend they are cool.  I love them and even bought 2 new pairs this year.  Everyone here in Australia seems to still be wearing them, so we must just not have gotten the memo yet that they are on their way out down under.

Yes, I have been getting a lot of wear out of the flatform sneakers.  Even though D says they are ugly, I feel like they elevate any outfit they’re paired with.  I actually wouldn’t mind getting another pair…

And I finally wore my boyfriend blazer to work!  Hoping to continue to get more wear out of it as the year goes on (but again, my lab work right now is so messy, there is no point in wearing my nice/fave pieces to work!).

P6252374IMG_20170720_173851IMG_20170723_210342IMG_20170630_131057IMG_20170721_160546IMG_20170627_130452P6272386 cr

Which look is your favourite?