OOTD: Brunch

Hello readers!

So D and I have officially become Aussie hipsters, or something like that.  As yes, we have been going out for brunch semi-regularly lately.  I know.

This was a look I wore recently to go out for brunch for D’s birthday.

P6102262 cr

top: uniqlo, skirt: ebay (portmans), shoes: the iconic (windsor smith skyla)

I picked the skirt up recently on ebay.  It’s quite a bit tighter in the waist than I had expected – Portmans sizing is usually pretty generous.  Oh well!  I’m trying really hard to stick to my ‘palette’ for all new purchases.  Luckily for me, there seems to be a ton of mustard yellow and burnt orange everywhere!

P6102268 cr

yes, my hair is officially long again


D thinks these shoes are really ugly.  I think they’re amazing.

Can you believe I wore this outfit outside here in ‘winter’ without a jacket?!  It’s been really mild so far this year and to call this ‘winter’ seems like a bit of a joke (as someone who grew up in Minnesota).  I think I will really be in trouble if we get a hot summer this year!  Also, I love dressing for winter so much more (scarves, boots and layers!).


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