As seen in London

Hey!  So for the last month or so I was a world traveler.  I started out April in Stockholm, then spent 2 weeks in NZ, and finished it all off by going to England in early May.  Yes, it was as crazy as it sounds.  But no, I’m somehow not sick of airplanes or traveling to and from Europe yet.

I’m not going to give a million details about my trips, but I do want to share with you some of the fabulous things I saw in London.  I had almost forgotten what a fabulous shopping Mecca London is…  Seriously.  I wanted to buy everything.  But because I am a poor scientist, I had to window shop instead.

Let’s start with: I didn’t realize I was a Kate Spade fan until I stepped foot into one of her stores.  So much colour!  So whimsical!  The details!  It’s safe to say I fell in love on the spot, especially with these shoes.


Kate Spade Dallas Wedge 230 GBP

I took a friend to an Anthropologie store and immediately fell in love with this dress.  I have a wedding to attend later this year and this would absolutely fit the bill…


This anthropologie dress: $168 USD

And finally…  the one I nearly bought.


This topshop jacket: 185 GBP

Seriously…  You have no idea how close I was to bringing this jacket home with me.  There were only 2 things that stopped me: #1.  It was a tiny bit small – I think I could have used the next size up and there was only 1 left in Topshop and #2.  My husband would have probably divorced me for spending $350 AUD on a jacket.

Yes, I did end up buying a few things in the UK – and even something from topshop!  But mostly they were really exciting basics, like a black blazery thing, a tan sweater and a beige cardigan from h & m.  I did help my sister pick out the cutest pair of sneakers, however…


My sister bought these in black…  I have so much shoe envy right now!


A few other things I noticed while window shopping:  mustard yellow, rust and navy were everywhere, which might be another reason I wanted to buy everything.  Also, suede, fringe and 70s boho was still around.  It’s fun seeing my colours and style preferences out in full force!

And it would seem the off shoulder, ruffle, and ripped jeans trends seem to be staying strong for spring and summer in the northern hemisphere.  I honestly can’t wait for these trends to die.  As a 30-something who spends most of my time at work in an office, there is literally no where I would ever wear anything ripped or off the shoulder…  Also, apparently there is currently a trend for enormous bows on shoes.  Again – I’m not a fan.

Thank goodness we’re going into winter here in the southern hemisphere, and I can fully embrace the joy that is scarves and boots.


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