OOTD: Leaves

Hey reader! Thanks for stopping by.

So I finally have an outfit to post!  It’s been really difficult to get any photos lately with my cycling to work (i.e. I get ready at work almost every single day, so I can’t snap a quick photo before I leave the house like I often used to).  I spent some time this past weekend organizing some outfits so took some time to grab a photo of an outfit that I wore recently and felt quite good in.


top: aliexpress, bag: aliexpress, trousers: uniqlo, shoes: dune london

The top is from aliexpress.  I loved the print – however the fabric is much shinier than I like – though with aliexpress there isn’t much to be done.  The armholes were also absolutely ginormous so I sewed them up quite substantially.  However, I still think it’s quite wearable.  I like the boxy shape and think it will also pair well with jeans, and maybe even a high waist skirt.  We shall see.


back view – please disregard the wrinkles…?

Anyways, it’s one of a number of printed blouses I’ve been incorporating into my wardrobe  – at least 3 of which are from aliexpress because….  cheap.

I’m also loving the shoes and would love to pick up another pair in black.  They were also a bargain from Dune London – who are well worth a look – their sale prices are fantastic and their shipping reasonable.  The quality isn’t absolutely the best, but it’s not bad and if you like genuine leather (which I do) they might suit.

Happy Shopping!


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