Love/Hate LOFT

LOFT: Love the clothes, hate the store policies.

Or, yet another way I’m being punished for living overseas.

So I got an email the other day saying LOFT was having a sale.  I’m not supposed to be shopping but had a look anyways.  I like to browse, fill up fantasy shopping carts, pin stuff to my pinterest board, etc.

But I couldn’t work out why the sale prices weren’t actually showing up.  I had to live chat them, and apparently Loft online sales are only valid in the USA.  WTH?  Why bother shipping to foreign countries, promoting on your website that you ship to over 100+ countries…  and then not offer the sale to those other 99+ countries?

I actually got into it with the live chat person, who gave me some B.S. line about how it’s in accord with their policies and regulations.  When I asked specifically what regulations they need to follow, of course they weren’t able to answer and promised to follow up via email.

Also, typical, when I went to save the chat transcript so I could share with you their exact wording…  it crashed.

Loft is one of the brands I love – their stuff is so cute.  But I will not be paying full price ($70-100+ AUD for a shirt?  No thank you).  So apparently I will not be ordering at all, because sales do not apply to me, being a dirty ex-pat and all.

Great business model, LOFT.


How adorable is this skirt?!  I love it so much I could cry.  It’s also $90 USD.  😦

imageService (1)

This top.  Is perfect. $44 USD

imageService (2)

And this fabulous collar-less blazer.  $127 USD

So Loft, I love you.  But why must you hurt me so badly?  You know I almost never pay full price for anything, and I certainly won’t be starting with you, not with your attitude towards foreign customers.  It’s as if you don’t want my money.

[Why can’t everyone just be like ASOS with free international shipping and returns?!]


4 thoughts on “Love/Hate LOFT

  1. And the follow up from LOFT: Thank you for your continued patience as we researched your inquiry with the appropriate LOFT team. We were able to obtain the following information regarding the specific legalities and practices that LOFT is obligated to follow that prohibits sales to overseas customers. In addition to the conversion of U.S. Dollars to local currency, per the current exchange rate, there is also an adjustment to pricing that allows us to provide competitive shipping prices along with quick, reliable delivery services to our international clients through our international partner, Borderfree. You can place a domestic US order if you have a United States billing address and shipping address by changing the flag at the top of the website.

    …Disappointing much? That absolutely does not lay out the specific legalities and practices of why I, as an overseas customer, am blocked from any sales or promotions.

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