The NZ countdown: 2 weeks

Hey all!  Quick update.  As usual, life has been really crazy so there hasn’t been much time for blogging.

I’ll sum up briefly.  D and I had to shift again, so we’re living with new friends!  Yay for living out of boxes and amid absolute chaos (hence no outfit posts – I’ve pretty much just been wearing whatever I can dig out of a big box).  Over Easter, we went away for about a week and did a bunch of tramping as well as catching up with some of D’s relatives.  I have to finish up my postdoc report by next week, so work has been crazy busy (yes, I love working weekends).  Also, we’re off to the USA in 2 weeks for about a month.  And we won’t be returning to New Zealand – after our jaunt to the USA we’ll be heading over to Australia where I will immediately start my new job (yay for my Australian work visa getting approved quickly!).

So it’s official – I have exactly two weeks left in New Zealand.  It feels pretty crazy that after 9 years, it’s all coming to an end.  I can’t even begin to say what living here has meant to me – I’ll have to save that for a later post.  For now, I’ll try to post when I can, but make serious apologies as posts will likely be intermittent at best until we’re settled in OZ.


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