OOTD: Peplum

I know peplum tops aren’t really that cool anymore, but I’ve finally tried them and found that they’re quite flattering (hello hiding the problem tummy area!).

These photos were taken at the end of the day. I’m sure I remember this outfit feeling a lot cuter when I wore it. The pants look totally “meh” (is it because I was wearing them all day? Or just the photo angle?).


cardigan: my ex-work, top: dotti, pants: the limited, shoes: jeffrey campbell


top: dotti, pants: the limited, shoes: jeffrey campbell

Do you ever put something and feel all damn girl, you look fine! then see photos later and think damn girl, what were you thinking? Or is that just me? I’m sure this outfit was cuter is person. I might have to wear a similar one again soon to test if it’s just the photos/time of day, or whether this really is that “meh” of an outfit.  At least the shoes will always be awesome.


2 thoughts on “OOTD: Peplum

  1. Hahaha. Yesh. I’ve been there. Usually, it’s when I made the mistake of forgetting that sunlight can really exaggerate colors. I think I look one way in the house and then I step out and I’m a f*cking rave clown. >_< *shrug* What'reyagunnado, though? Hehe.

    I really love the print on that top, by the way. It's mesmerizing. 😀 Oh and, as always, I love your shoes! 😛

    – Anna


    • Aw, thanks! Yes I’ve definitely been there too. Often with *short* dresses. At home, all good! Then I’m off to work and “oh crap I’m indecent”. LOL. Live and learn. 😀

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