Dunedin Street Style: O week

Hello readers! It’s that time of year again. Not only is it O week (or Orientation week, here in Dunedin) but it’s time for another dose of Dunedin student inspired street style (or as I am now calling it: Scott and I go out and take photos of people who are much better dressed than I am!).  Our survey question for the day was from Scott: Man buns, hot or not?

In order to prove to you how much better dressed everyone else was than me, I give you exhibit A:

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

top: trademe, skirt: trademe, shoes: witchery

*   *   *

The very first person we stopped actually agreed to be photographed which is a bit of a change (we are almost always turned down by the first person we approach).  Jess’s dress is from dotti and her earrings are from a market.  This fantastic outfit was something she just threw on as she was woken up super early at her hall.

_MG_8280 copy

_MG_8282 copy

Jess doesn’t really follow trends, she is influenced more by punk music and also she likes animals (which was a bit of a theme for the day).

_MG_8281 copy

And finally Jess’s thoughts on man buns were that some look good and some don’t – it depends on what they’re wearing.

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

*   *   *

I loved the simplicity of Danielle’s outfit, and of course her great accessories.  Her romper is from Glassons, but her top is from an op shop (somewhere on the west coast!), her sunnies are le spec and and her shoes are from trademe (which of course she gets big points from me as we know how much I love trademe).

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

Danielle said she’s a big fan of accessories, especially those that are a bit ethnic with a bit of bling!

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

As to Danielle’s thoughts on man buns: No.  Let them go free!  (She admitted to preferring free flowing locks).

*   *   *

We have an anonymous street styler today!  Scott loved her K-pop inspired style, which she said she just put on.  She uses primarily magazines and of course Seoul Street Fashion for inspiration, and likes to mix and match texture.  Her thoughts on man buns?  No.Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

*   *   *

We also stopped Shiva (who Scott has previously stopped before in his quest for Dunedin street style last year – note she’s the first person to be photographed twice!). We loved her hat of course (I had left my in my office!), which is from Dotti and she is trying to wear as much as possible.

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

She said her style is usually very feminine or androgynous – she tends to go between the two (which is so cool, by the way.  I love people who are able to have very diverse styles, it’s totally awesome to feel equally comfortable in both!).

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

I loved her accessories – her awesome satchel was a parting gift from her work.

And Shiva admitted that she was in the minority, but thinks man buns are hot!

Dunedin Street Style Feb 2016

So that concludes our O-week fashion update.  Overall, the trend was definitely casual, as it’s been a pretty sweltering week by Dunedin standards.  Huge props to our featured street stylers today for not just throwing on cut-offs and a white tee.  And if you’re wondering why we didn’t feature any guys this time (which I swear, we really would have liked to)?  A word to all the males out there: dress better.

A huge thanks as usual to Scott of Scott Macshane Photography for taking all the amazing photos!


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