Fabulous Frock Thursday: Green garden

So this actually isn’t the most recent dress I made (that would be my wedding dress, actually). But I finally got to wear it for the first time to our friend’s wedding in January. Thus, it has now been relegated to “OK to wear to work” – especially with the crazy hot weather we’ve been having.


Cutting it all out!  Yes I tried to match the print as much as possible.

This is actually the 2nd time I’ve made this pattern (Simplicity 1652). I adore the back detail and the dress is just ridiculously flattering and fits well. Also – pockets! What’s not to love? I decided to make this one sleeveless as to ensure it’s not completely identical to my other dress (gotta mix it up a little bit, am I right?).

I can’t lie, this print is simply divine.  The fabric is almost too lightweight – I probably should have done a full lining (instead of only lining the bodice).  Though this way it is really perfect for those sweltering hot summer days!  And even though I wore this on a Thursday – it was just fabulous frock Friday 1 day early.


5 thoughts on “Fabulous Frock Thursday: Green garden

  1. It’s BEAUTIFUL~! *Cries a single tear*
    I’m in love with that fabric. It is divine, just as you said. Oh! I love it! Your dress came out lovely, it truly complements you!

    • Start practising on less “good” fabric. Buy some really cheap plain cotton and just cut out the pieces and sew them up quickly to determine if the pattern fits and how it looks! Then you can make changes to the fit if needed. If all is good, then you can start with the “good” fabric. You can get over your fear (my bridal lace was $100/m and I got up the courage to cut that out. Believe me, you can do it!). 😀 Good luck!

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