OOTD: White

Now that January has come and gone (along with my MN visitors), summer has well and truly arrived! We’ve actually had some crazy hot weather here. Combine this with the fact that I’ve been undertaking a major wardrobe purge, and you have old old dresses!

This dress is at least 6 or 7 years old. I think I bought it on clearance at the BCBG outlet in Albertville during one of my many MN visits. I have only worn in a few times – I’m not really a “white” sort of person. But I love eyelet in the summer, and there is smocking detail on this dress! Smocking is one of the craft/sewing techniques that I have been obsessed with over the years (but never really properly dedicated myself to learning proficiently – I took a class once).


dress: BCBG?  Really old?  shoes: nastygal


Smocking detail

So let’s all say goodbye to this dress, sweet and summery though it is. It is now in the purge pile as I wore it to work on one of our roasting hot days the other week, but lets be honest here, I wore a cardigan over the top. Any dress you need to wear a strapless bra with to work, isn’t really work appropriate.


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