Visitors, moving house

…And all the other reasons I haven’t posted lately!

January is gone and I don’t think I’ve posted a single outfit.  *sigh*

We had a wedding, visitors from MN (a couple of my college roomies!  Yay!  It’s only taken 9 years but friends have come to visit me here in NZ!), and have been preparing all month to move house – which we just did this past weekend.  Moving has been a mountain of work, as we had a lot of stuff to get rid of.  I remember getting rid of a ton of stuff last time we shifted flast (2 years ago) and yet somehow we still had a mountain of household goods to get rid of.  Most of our flat is planning on moving overseas in the next few months so downsizing was key.

It’s also apparent that I still have way too many clothes.  Seriously, I’m pretty sure I’ve spent the better part of the last 18 months trying to get rid of most of my clothes, and somehow I still have a ridiculous amount?!  D and I still have a lot of downsizing to do before we can move to Australia.

Also, cleaning every single surface of our house was not much fun.  But now that the move is behind us, I’m hoping I can develop a new routine for the currently, oft neglected blog.


2 thoughts on “Visitors, moving house

  1. Moving is a pain! Glad you made it through! I assume you are in Australia yet? When are you planning on that? And I thought you’d said in your post about your wedding that you two were also considering the US as some point in the future?

    Anyway, happy new home-warming!

    • We’re not quite in Australia yet – the process to get a work visa is long, even with a job offer. 😦

      I would definitely like to be back in the USA as I’ve been such a long way from home for such a long time now, but I have to go where the job offer is, and that is currently Australia! Hopefully we’ll be able to move to the USA in a few years time.

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