The offcial pics of our very kiwi wedding! (10.12.2015)

Ok, last wedding post (I promise!).  Our photographer, Jim Pollard of Jim Pollard goes click is an absolute wizard and not only was amazing to work with on our wedding day, but is a genius photographer, captured everything perfectly and got our photos back to us ridiculously fast – I can’t believe I’m only getting around to posting them now!  I simply cannot say enough good things about him or thank him enough!  So without further ado, here are some of my fave pics.  You can check out Jim’s full gallery about our day here.

12471440_10107074461813750_4715491083389800050_o12484785_10107074464059250_7674643529826672766_o12440509_10107074473674980_193839799408933794_o10631111_10107074474188950_2346006227661240210_o12473994_10107074474443440_6072978245365591084_o12489283_10107074475211900_4140997825352606412_o1502631_10107074479817670_3637493534457626951_oOur Wilderness Wedding-343 SMALL12418862_10107074477991330_7489995823479660907_oOur Wilderness Wedding-425  SMALLOur Wilderness Wedding-450 SMALL12471858_10107074480735830_1585711421485587084_o12496251_10107074480032240_1158343444114449676_o12473857_10107074479862580_5229332954834556931_o12496093_10107074481594110_1460611037654659801_o12487309_10107074481723850_6896772400974902666_o


7 thoughts on “The offcial pics of our very kiwi wedding! (10.12.2015)

  1. I… thought I’d already comment on this! Ooops!

    WELL- these photos are so, so lovely. They capture not just how beautiful everything is (the mountains! And you made that dress!) but the spirit of the event and everyone there. I love the one with the man being used as a table to write on especially.

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