Blog off the beaten path

Hi friends.  Lately I’ve stumbled across some really cool fashion/style blogs that I just wanted to share with you because I think they are just that little bit different.

You guys know that I don’t recommend just any old blog and very rarely do this sort of thing, so I hope that conveys just how excited I am to find some new blogs to follow!

I found two awesome “over 40” fashion bloggers who really inspire me to be a little bit more fabulous even though I am into my 30s.  Seriously, these ladies have some amazing style.

Fake Fabulous

Not Dresses as a Lamb

And finally, this gorgeous fashion and social action blog, JooJoo Azad.  I am kind of lost for words as to what to say about this one – you need to check it out to see what I mean.  Not only are the photos gorgeous, but the writing is heartfelt and poignant.

Have you found some inspiring and new (to you!) blogs lately?


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