2016 goals

For many years now, I have been setting out my yearly goals on my blog.  I am not entirely sure why, I think it helps me keep track of them, and it also helps keep me accountable!  They’re not “resolutions” per say, but a handful of things I decide in January that I need to do.  Go figure.

This year I am posting my goals a little later in January that usual because I have news.  MN 2 NZ is moving…  to OZ!

Yes, right before Christmas I had word that I have a job offer in Geelong, Australia.  I’m going to take on another postdoctoral fellowship contract for 3 years.  This changes things (life?!) in a pretty big way.  D and I had been planning on moving overseas early in 2016 for some time (pretty much the last 2 years), as both of us are on contracts which were up at the end of January 2016 (D’s contract then got extended from Mar-mid April).  But still, it’s one thing to plan for something in the future, and another thing to realize the future is now and happening.

I have been to Geelong, it’s a large oceanfront town about 1 hour southwest of Melbourne, Australia.  I’ve spent a lot more time in Melbourne as D and I have a lot of friends there and have been to visit quite often.  Melbourne is a very vibrant, cosmopolitan city, full of culture, good food, and fashion.  It’s very different from Dunedin.  Of course, we won’t be living in Melbourne, but 1 hour by train is pretty darn close.

So this really means big changes for the upcoming year.  There isn’t a lot of tramping in Australia, for one.  To be honest, I’m not really sure what 2016 holds in store – moving to Australia is going to be a pretty major lifestyle change for us (and we probably won’t really be settled in until May at the absolute earliest, as that is when D plans on coming over after he finishes up his contract here in NZ).  We’re supposed to be starting off February with an entire 4 weeks of tramping (our honeymoon/grand travel plans that we’ve been making for the better part of a year).  We’ll see how that goes…  We love tramping, but D and I have learned that 6 days in a row is about our limit.  Then, we shall say goodbye to New Zealand and start the next adventure!  [I’m now going to have to start calling myself an Australasian Fashion Blogger, I think!].

So here is the best list of goals that I can come up with at this point (having, right now, almost no idea what the next year holds for me apart from ch-ch-ch-changes!):

  1. Sew more (start using up my fabric stash!).  Sew at least 1 swimsuit from scratch.  Do at least one “how to sew something” blog post.
  2. Cook more vegetarian meals (institute meatless Monday!).
  3. Read more journal articles – start with 1 a week.
  4. Have at least $5k in savings by the end of the year.
  5. Read at least 3 non-fiction books.
  6. Be able to do 5 pull-ups.
  7. Get my tattoo removed  (Melbourne, here I come!).
  8. Start cycling to work?!  Do more (any!) cycling…  I think.
  9. Do at least 1 touristy trip in Australia.
  10. Move towards a minimalist lifestyle.

Other, less specific goals:

  • Blog more – focus more on fashion.  Maybe even Melbourne street fashion?
  • Buy less make-up.  Get better at using the make-up I have.
  • Skype my MN friends and family more often.

Do you have any big plans for 2016?


3 thoughts on “2016 goals

  1. Congrats on the marriage and big upcoming move! I hope you’re able to find adequate tramping opportunities on occasion while in Australia. I’m experiencing the same thing with bike culture in my move from St. Paul to Louisville. It’s a bummer when a hobby that’s become firmly entrenched in your everyday lifestyle is suddenly not available to you anymore. Biking (much like tramping, I assume) can technically be done almost anywhere, so I always try to make a go of it. But then I always end up feeling it’s just not the same as it was back home.

    Anyhow, enough of the negativity. This is January! Time to focus on new goals to accomplish for the calendar year.

    We started the year off doing the whole diet thing. I just wanted to save a little money and dry out after a long holiday binge on booze and food. I proposed a month long ban on alcohol and dining out. We typically spend $20-$30 on off-sale booze each week, so that adds up to over $100 for the month. Dining out just once a week can put another $200-$300 strain on our monthly budget. With these expenditures out for the month, we can save a few hundred bucks.

    Lisa decided to take it a step further. She had her eyes on a diet called Whole30. It calls for a month without alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, and “processed” foods. I agreed to it. I lasted all of 3 days before I had enough of that nonsense. That’s not to say I had completely fallen off the wagon. I still haven’t had any bread, dairy, red meat, or things like that. But I’m done sticking with every single hard rule. I’ve just been eating peanut butter and hummus (which are banned because peanuts and chickpeas are legumes). Lisa is still following it to a T, though.

    Other than that, my goals for the year are somewhat similar to yours. Here they be, in no specific order:

    1. Start a retirement savings account
    I’ve been good at short-term savings (put X dollars away for Y months, then spend it!), but now I need to actually start putting my money somewhere I can’t touch for 30 years or so. I’ve been doing a lot of research this weekend, and I think I’m going to get one opened tomorrow. I’ve selected the broker and found a strategy that I believe in. Just need to call and get a few more questions answered. Then it’s time to feed the pig for the next few decades.

    2. Get back to reading books again
    When I moved to St. Paul in 2013, I never got a Ramsey County library card. Once I got rid of my car, I stopped checking out books from the Hennepin County system, too, because it wasn’t as convenient to pick-up and drop-off books. So I just stopped. And now I’m nearly 6 months into living in Louisville with a huge public library across the street, and I still haven’t applied for a one there yet either. Got to get back on that horse.

    3. Yoga and Crossfit
    I have a membership at the local YMCA and have been taking group fitness classes there. It’s been mightily disappointing when compared the experience at Lifetime Fitness clubs back in MN (the instructors here in Kentucky have the demeanor of high school gym teachers, which doesn’t work well with adults who want to get in shape). So I’m going to try to take a yoga class they offer at least once a week. I’ve never really done yoga, but have heard mostly good things. There is also a Groupon deal for a local Crossfit gym that I’m planning on doing this summer. It’s for three months, so it’ll give me a perfect chance to try it out before moving and not have to pay the full price.

    4. Leave this wretched place for the bright lights of New York City
    Not so much a goal as it is a given move. When Lisa is done with her apprenticeship, we’re off to NYC so she can become a big Broadway star.

    5. Do a handstand
    This has been a goal of mine since my time in the gymnastics club when I was 8 years old. Hopefully goal #3 will help me accomplish this one.

    • Awesome, thanks so much for sharing your goals! I also really need to start saving for retirement (my excuse has been “I’m a student” “but I’ve only just started working” etc. etc.). But even just having a healthy savings account would make me pretty happy.

      How much longer until Lisa is finished with her apprenticeship? I can totally see you guys in NYC! So excited!

      It will be interesting to see how this move to Australia goes – I’m hoping I can find a good gym (I have tried a “sort of” crossfit gym here and did like it when the trainers were good) or PT, and a good yoga studio. I try to do yoga once a week – it’s awesome! I hope you enjoy it. It’s one of those things I think everyone should be doing, but it has a bit of a reputation and people have a lot of pre-conceived notions that make them resistant to trying it.

      It was my goal last year to do a headstand and… I failed miserably. Maybe 2016 will be the year?!

      • The apprenticeship ends in May, but our lease runs until August, so we’ll be in Kentucky for one more summer. I can’t wait. The only thing left to look forward to in Louisville (aside from Lisa’s shows) is the Kentucky Derby this spring. Hooray for moving!

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