2015 Year in Review

So I’ve been doing yearly goal setting and yearly reviews now for…  well, several years.  This year, unfortunately has been abysmally bad in terms of goal achievement.

Let’s review the goals I set out for myself for 2015:

  1. Save money.  All of the money.  As much as possible.  I did OK here.  I did buy a lot of cosmetics.  But otherwise, actually not too badly.  Do I have 5k in my account like I had hoped?  No.  But I’ll get there eventually.
  2. Run the Dunedin half-marathon (in Sept) [I had registered last year, but then couldn’t run due to injury in 2014].  Try to win the fancy dress/costume contest. Nope.  Fail.  I decided to give up running.
  3. Compete in the Kepler Challenge again.  Beat 2014 time, preferably enough to win the most improved award. Another fail.  See above.
  4. Do as much tramping as possible.  Lochnagar over Easter.  Hump ridge?  Learn snow skills.  Yes!  D and I haven’t done Lochnagar or the Hump ridge yet, but we’ve done a ton of tramping this year including learning some snow skills.  As it stands I will have done 17 multi-day trips over 2015.  D has done even more as he did a few without me.
  5. Enter the tramping club’s annual photo competition. It hasn’t been advertised yet.  I think it will be early 2016.
  6. Finish off 1 year no shopping [Oct 2014-Oct 2015]Yes!  I actually managed to pull this off decently well.  I’m well pleased with my result and would like to keep it up in 2016.
  7. Get my tattoo removed.  No.  Why did I even put this on here?!  This isn’t going to happen as long as I live in Dunedin.
  8. Go to Melbourne to visit friends.  Yes!  D and I managed to get over there in June to celebrate his 30th birthday.
  9. Be able to do an unsupported headstand (yoga practice, here I come!)No.  It’s been a real struggle this year health and fitness-wise, and I just haven’t committed myself to at home yoga practice like I’d need to in order to achieve this particular goal.


It’s been an interesting and very busy year.  D and I did a lot more travel and tramping that I could have foreseen.  I’ve been to Melbourne for 5 days, to the USA for 3 weeks and then back to the USA for nearly another 2 weeks!

And of course, in May this year D and I decided that we should get married in December at the same as his PhD graduation.  That threw a bit of a spanner into the works in terms of finances and general life plans.

Also there was that bit where I ran a nearly 6 month long research study.  That was just a minor thing.

I was surprised this year how much I struggled with my health and fitness.  I gave up running because of the on-going leg/glute problems.  I was sick all winter with colds and flus and pretty much every bug that was going around.  I decided to quit my (group exercise based) gym in October and get a new (more traditional) gym where I had greater flexibility and control over my training so I could focus strongly on training for tramping.  But then I ended up with DVT in November, which once again derailed my plan for strong glutes and legs and an amazing level of cardio.  What can you do?  I had been planning to hit the gym hard in November and December before the wedding and in preparation for the big tramping season, and here I could barely do anything at all.  Such is life and there is really only so much I can do.

So anyways, 2015 did not at all turn out how I expected it would.  Here I am married (hey, that’s kind of a big deal).  2016 should be equally as nuts, as D and I have our tramping holiday/honeymoon for the entire month of February, we have to move out of our house, and start our new jobs.  Then of course we’ll be heading back to MN for our stateside wedding reception.  It’s safe to say, once again we won’t be bored!

How was your 2015?  Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?


7 thoughts on “2015 Year in Review

  1. Nice work, Becks! I love the part where you just gave up running — hey, at least you tried! More than I can say! I don’t think I could even figure out how to put together a decent end-of-the-year recap… things have just been too crazy. Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!

  2. I think it is easy to make big health related plans and so much harder to actually find the time you need, especially when feeling unwell. I’m impressed with the other things you got done though1

  3. Congrats on getting married. The pictures were GORGEOUS (especially your dress…wowza). Hey, I think you did well considering I pretty much gave up on making any resolutions because I NEVER keep them. Like ever. I always say I’m going lose 10 lbs and be more active, or I’m going to save money to renovate the bathroom or whatever. Well that never happens and then I end up super disappointed. I did finally bite the bullet and start taking website coding classes, which I’m looking forward to continuing in 2016. Congrats again on a great 2015 and here’s to an even better 2016.

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