The ghosts of fashion past (which will haunt us forever)

So I just wanted to do a quick post today to show… well, some old photos of really really bad previous outfits.  Sometimes I think that I’ve put together some less than stellar outfits in recent years (then posted photos of them right here for you to see!), but then I look back on facebook and realize that I’ve actually come about a million miles in terms of style.

I know right, where do I even begin?

We have, from left top to bottom right:

  1. Um…  Love that green belt.  With the bermuda jean shorts.  Thanks old navy.  Also, check my hand crafted (self!) hippy shell necklace.  2005.
  2. Just… wh-at?  Yeah, I made that.  To wear to one of my best friend’s weddings.  2006.
  3. Frumpy (I’d been in NZ for 1 whole year at this point).  circa 2008.
  4. Am I going to a ball or a funeral?  2008.
  5. Miniest of mini skirts.  At the zoo!  With a straw bucket hat.  2010.
  6. Wow that ill-fitting unflattering top.  2010.
  7. Hair flower + threadless t-shirt….?  It’s just so incongruous.  That was in my “Hair flower” stage.  AKA – 2010.

Yep.  That’s all…  Just wow.  You can take a girl out of the midwest, but can you ever truly take the frumpy Midwestern out of the girl?

I’d also like to point out that all of these photos were taken after I had done a degree.  In clothing/apparel design.  Yep, these were all the product of a fashion degree (especially since I actually made that stunning green dress myself).  Maybe I should ask for my money back?

There are actually 2 bright sides here:

  1. How can you learn if mistakes are never made?
  2. At least I don’t still dress like this.  Yes, I’m making new and exciting fashion disasters!

So, which of those is your fave most horrible outfit?  For me, I really think it has to be those denim bermuda shorts (at the time, I liked them so much I had two pairs! *shudders in horror*)+ the brown polo shirt (which I also had in other colours) and green belt.  It is truly awful.  Someone should have staged an intervention or at least given me a citation by the fashion police.

Have you ever made a horrible fashion blunder (please tell me I’m not alone!)?  If so, what was it?  And do you have photographic evidence of said terrible outfit to haunt you forever?



8 thoughts on “The ghosts of fashion past (which will haunt us forever)

  1. you’ve had some interesting looks – but all have helped form your sense of style, which today, is amazing!! I applaud each and every one of these and they make me smile (ok maybe laugh too)!

  2. I don’t know, I kind of like the green dress! And you made it!

    As for me? So many fashion blunders. I wore leggings till, like, 7th grade. In college I wore enough Harry Potter stuff (which isn’t bad but… I ended up looking like an uncommitted goth. Like, an apathetic, sort of goth. But the one I feel the most cringe-worthy about was one I posted on the blog (and all black one). It ended up on Get Off my Internets, which wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was realizing how right the people making fun of it were!

    Ah, well. Live and learn!

    • I also had a collection of harry potter t-shirts. I think I may have had a scarf, and may have dressed up to attend the movies. True story. 😀

      At least we’re providing some entertainment to the internet, right?

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