OOTD: Spotty from Dotti


So once again I’m wearing some new items (I know.  It’s so exciting).  Back in October, I needed to pick up some pieces for my Halloween costume.  In the thrifting hunt, I found this perfect black pencil skirt.  Sure, it’s from Glassons (NZ cheap brand), but I kid you not, it’s vintage Glassons.  It’s Glassons when glassons still made their goods in New Zealand.  The skirt is fully lined, in perfect condition, and was all of $5!  You have no idea excited I was as I had been on the hunt for a black pencil skirt for years.  For my Dunedin readers, yeah, I picked it up from SaveMart.  I also bought it without even trying it on.  I know – this is not something I’d usually suggest but when your first job out of college is as a tech designer for pants and skirts, you get pretty good at working out what size things are just from looking at them.  Ah, the skills gained from being trained as an apparel designer.

PB152375 cr

cardi: trademe, top: dotti, skirt: thrifted, shoes: jeffrey campbell

The top is a product of my frantic hunt for a “conference appropriate” top to go with a skirt my Mom purchased for me back when I was in MN in August.  I wanted a plain white button down shirt (the skirt was black and white).  Do you think I could find such a thing in Dunedin (for less than $100!).  Oh no.  I finally ended up in Dotti where I found a black sleeveless mock turtleneck.  They were also having an epic sale and I picked up a couple of other sleeveless tops for summer, including this peplum top for something like $10.


back view

PB152405 cr

liking this peplum look!

Talk about a budget outfit – with 50% of it being second-hand.  Friendly to the earth and friendly to my wallet.  I wish every outfit could be so good!

Have you had any incredible fashion finds lately?


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