What I learned during my year of no clothes shopping: All about make-up

So I know there are a million (or more) beauty bloggers out there.  I’m not going to switch.  However, I did find it was interesting that my year of not buying clothes meant I bought a lot more make-up (a lot a lot – I’ve mentioned before that I have pretty much gone down the exact same road as My Closet is Full during her year of no shopping).

Whilst my make-up/product collection has ballooned, I’ve also learned a ton about make-up.  So I thought I’d share a few of my favourite (earth shattering) tips!  Some (cough cough most) of these I am still working on practising myself, but I think passing along the best videos and tutorials might be useful for some of you readers!

Other useful links (AKA, my favourite youtube channels, blogs and other links)

Ok, well that should keep you busy for hours and hours!  I hope you enjoy.  It’s amazing how much fantastic information is out there.  The only downside to being in NZ (and now I realize why so few women here wear much make-up) is that it’s nearly impossible to get a lot of the brands and products mentioned.  Lucky for me, I have my ways (frequent trips back to the USA this last year), but still.  We don’t have much, and what we do have is crazy expensive (I’m looking at you, $50NZD smashbox eyeliner and you, $38NZD MAC eyeshadow and you $46NZD clinique lipstick).


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