Capsule Wardrobe Ideas

Here’s another one that has been sitting in the “drafts” folder that I’ve been meaning to post for over a month now!  If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve just been in the USA (again!) for work.  So please bear with me as I continue to catch up on life.

So over the last year as you know I’ve been thinking more about Capsule Wardrobes.  After doing this post a couple weeks ago on my Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration, I thought it would be a fun exercise to create a capsule wardrobe, just to work through the process.

So here it is!  Ok, yes it is a “dream” capsule wardrobe of sorts filled with lots of stuff I will never be able to afford.  But I’ve also tried to use things I already have in my wardrobe (you might recognize one or two) so that it is more of a goal that I can work towards.

Now, I know everyone has their magical number of pieces, and magical number of seasons.  I’ve created this capsule on my lifestyle now.  So it’s based around a Dunedin, winter climate.  Because Dunedin doesn’t really have “seasons” – I thought I would give myself more pieces (50), but I’d only do 2 capsules a year (hence the Pinterest board’s title “Cold weather capsule”).

So here is the list of 50 pieces:


  1. Blue denim Jeans
  2. Tidy Black pants
  3. Wide dress trouser
  4. Black skirt
  5. Grey skirt
  6. Fawn skirt
  7. 2nd black skirt
  8. Black leggings
  9. Print skirt – statement piece
  10. Grey Pencil skirt
  11. Black jeans
  12. cream a-line skirt


  1. Pasadena (ivory) Tunic
  2. Tunic (colourblock shirttail)
  3. Tunic (zip detail tank)
  4. Chambray Shirt
  5. White Shirt
  6. Lace Top
  7. Top – striped linen
  8. Top – white tee
  9. Top – b & w slub tee
  10. Plaid shirt – kemp b & w
  11. Print shirt – briarcliff top – Statement piece
  12. shirt – polka dot henley


  1. Flat black Boots
  2. Flat marsala boots
  3. Tall fawn Riding boots
  4. Converse Sneakers – Statment piece
  5. Heeled bootie
  6. Flats
  7. Wedges
  8. Flat fawn boots


  1. Black Dress
  2. Shirt Dress
  3. Grey Dress
  4. Pleated Dress – statement piece
  5. Deco dress – Statement piece
  6. Stripe dress


  1. Black waterfall Cardigan
  2. Elin (ivory) Cardigan
  3. Sweater – (ivory) textured funnelneck pullover
  4. Sweater – chunky grey
  5. Cardigan – art history (black)
  6. Cardigan – tan cable knit
  7. Sweater – mustard yellow
  8. Grey batwing sweater


  1. Black Blazer


  1. Black wool Coat
  2. Short coat
  3. Parka/Anorak Coat

Here are some of the pieces pieces if you don’t have time to check out the full pinterest page here.

Yellow cable-knit sweater

Black knit dress

Black and white geometric print skirt

Brown OTBT boots

So I’m not wedded 100% to these exact pieces by any means, more like “I’d like a top or a dress kind of like that – e.g. geometric print, or grey knit or white tee, etc.”.  More like I’ve tried to get a mix of basic/staples plus some statement pieces (we know how much I love statement pieces!).

Also, because this capsule is intended for living in Dunedin, I wouldn’t count super basics/layering pieces (e.g. plain camisoles, slips, tights or even plain long sleeved tops that are required to create your 3 or 4 layers because otherwise you’d be wearing 1/4 of your wardrobe at any given time).  Also, I’m following in the footsteps of un-fancy and not counting handbags or scarves.

Which brings me to my next point of, yes, there isn’t much colour.  But I own a million scarves which can easily inject a ton of colour into a wardrobe.  And they don’t count.  Scarves for the win!

So what do you think about the capsule, mix of pieces, colours?  I’d really love some feedback as I’m new at this.  Do you think this would work as a capsule?


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