Fabulous Frock Friday: September 18

We’ve actually been having some gorgeous spring weather over the last month! So yes, this outfit is from four weeks ago, when I had to miss out on a tramping trip due to some very sore muscles, and instead was able to make it to a friend’s birthday drinks. To celebrate (the being social on a Friday night, not the missing of a tramp), I decided to bust out one of my favourite dresses. Yes, I know you’ve seen this one many times before (I mean, it’s my gravatar), but still. I love it and wanted to share.

Also, when was the last time I featured a Fabulous Frock on my blog? Yes, it has been too long.


Cardi: my ex-work, dress: made by me, belt: thrifted, boots: dr. martens


Love this dress pattern!


Spring is in the air!

Are you looking forward to the changing seasons? I’m not going to lie, I’m definitely looking forward to some warmer weather for the next 6 months!


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