Capsule Wardrobe: Inspiration

Hi All! 1 year of no shopping is over, and now that you know how it went (honestly I feel OK about it. Not brilliant, but not terrible) you might be wondering exactly what’s next. When I started out on this crazy idea, I knew that I definitely need to change my shopping habits, but also that I wanted my style to evolve, but I wasn’t sure how.

Well, to be honest I’m not entirely sure that either has been 100% successful (deprogramming a consumer brain is oh so hard!) but I can try, right?

Over the last year I’ve been working through a number of blogs on style (e.g. Into-Mind and Un-fancy to name a few), reading reddit, etc.I know that I want:

  • a more functional wardrobe
  • a smaller wardrobe – fewer high quality pieces
  • a different style than what I have now

I think I want a capsule wardrobe, made up of neutrals, but isn’t boring.  I want something more sophisticated (honestly, being a junior staff member at a University and the number of times I get asked if I am a student…  I may scream) and that better reflects my lifestyle.

Am I absolutely 100% convinced this is the answer?  No.  Building a drastically different wardrobe is expensive.  Also, are neutral capsule wardrobes too trendy at the moment?  E.g. Am I going to lose my personal style and become just like everyone else?  I can’t help but second-guess myself a little bit here. And since I am not really going to be doing much shopping in the future, nor can I afford to rebuild my wardrobe, in the meantime, I’m going to take baby steps to move in the direction that I want. Only pick up new pieces that fit with my new aesthetic ideal.

Here are some inspiration pics for where the direction I want my wardrobe to head into. More work wear and casual wear, but with a good amount of crossover.

Key components:

  • Texture
  • Print
  • Layering
  • Neutral basics (black, white, cream, grey, camel + 1 or 2 accent colours like mustard, khaki or marsala)
  • “Hiking chic” casual look

So what do you think? Are Capsule Wardrobes just another trend, or a smarter, more efficient way of dressing?


3 thoughts on “Capsule Wardrobe: Inspiration

  1. I think it depends on what you find yourself drawn to normally. For the last few years I’ve been wearing black grey and white almost exclusively anyway, so purposely focusing on a capsule wardrobe is something I feel confident in. If you’ve only recently started being drawn to neutrals, its probably a trend, so I’d wait and see if its going to last before investing

    • Thanks for the feedback! Lately I just find that I feel more uncomfortable wearing a lot of bright colours. I don’t know that I’m typically drawn to neutrals, but more that I need some cohesion and direction with my wardrobe otherwise it gets a bit too random. I have a lot of things that are not necessarily colours I would usually wear, but I purchased “because they were on sale”. So for me, having a more set palette will really help.

      I agree neutrals are a bit of a trend at the moment, but I am really enjoying wearing mostly black, white and grey. I feel my outfits using these colours are a lot more cohesive and elegant.

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