1 Year No shopping – Summary 2: What I’ve bought and sold (Part 5!)

Hey, so it’s time for a second summary of my 1 year of No shopping (you can read the original rules here).  Essentially, no clothes for 1 year, apart from taking any money I’ve earned through trademe which can be used for new purchases.

Carryover from my last post: -$46.58

Sold (via trademe):

  • Rain jacket $25
  • Merrell sandals $20
  • Jeffrey Campbell sandals $40
  • H & M blazer $19
  • Leather sandals $20
  • Modcloth dress $15
  • 2 camisoles/tanks $18 total
  • Modcloth skirt $10.50


  • Witchery scarf: $24.43
  • Witchery top: $27.93
  • Witchery top: $27.93
  • Witchery sunnies: $31.43
  • Witchery drape cardigan $89.90
  • Workout capris $20

Total: -$145.70

Up until July, I had been doing so well.  I fell off the wagon in a big way which I shall now explain – AKA serious confession time.

1. July 7: Witchery had an extra 30% off sale, and my sunnies had just broken.  I knew it was dangerous going in!  I knew I was being bad making purchases, but…  I’ve been so restrained.  Honestly, up until then I’d been feeling like I’d been really very frugal.  I’d also been sick and so…  yes, I bought some things to make myself feel better.  And we were going to the USA in August and I’d wear all of the items on my trip (and there wouldn’t be any shopping in the USA not only because of the shopping ban, but also because of the absolutely terrible exchange rate).  Yes, I justified my unnecessary purchases many times over.  At this point, I was technically in the hole $158.30 and that wasn’t even counting the new eyeglasses I’d just purchased, along with two new eyeshadow palettes.  YES, all of this was on sale at least 25% off but still…

2.  In an attempt to do a big “catch-up” – I had a massive clear out about mid-September to try to drum up some sales on trademe before mid-October.  I can’t say it was super successful, but just going through my closet and having a big purge now that I near the end of my shopping ban was actually hugely useful and therapeutic.  I had a pretty good idea of what I’ve been wearing and what I haven’t been wearing over the last year.  And also, I’ve found I’m not quite as attached to my clothes as I once was.  I don’t know what’s happened, if it’s been the shopping ban or changing priorities or age…  I mean, check out the latest purge pile:

The latest purge pile!

The latest purge pile!

I’ve tried to be really ruthless.  Pretty much anything that doesn’t get worn, doesn’t fit or is damaged (and I can’t be bothered repairing).  Also, things that “I just don’t love anymore” or don’t feel fits with where I see my style going (though more on that in a future post).

Anyways, this is all on trademe right now and I sold a high priced item on Oct 14 (just after the ban ended, typical!) which would have nearly had me caught up.

So all in all, I’m not feeling too badly about this experiment – only $145 over is actually not that terrible.  You might be wondering if there is anything I’m currently desperate to purchase.  Pretty exciting stuff, let me tell you!  I need a black skirt, black handbag and a nude bra (mine is really in sad shape).

My main takeaway is that I like this system of only once things go out of the wardrobe, then something new can be added back in.  It really helps keep my still totally enormous wardrobe a little bit more under control.


2 thoughts on “1 Year No shopping – Summary 2: What I’ve bought and sold (Part 5!)

  1. Hahaha. Aww, sweetie. I’ve been there. I tell myself I’m going to just get one thing from a sale and then all of a sudden I’ve got quite a full cart (and lots of excuses to justify everything in said cart). ;D It happens! I know a lot of people will read this and be able to relate to it.

    As long as you get a ton of use out of the stuff you bought, I wouldn’t feel too bad about it, regardless of what you ultimately spent. ❤

    – Anna


    • Aw, thank you. I’m having some strong buyers guilt at the moment as I’ve definitely made some purchases lately. I’m going to have to reign it all back in and wear (and LOVE) what I have. 😀

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