1 year of no shopping – Summary

Hey!  So I’m sorry this post is a day late, my laptop has been having some issues at home and I wasn’t actually able to post this yesterday, October 13, which is when the official 1 year of no shopping was over!

I actually can’t believe how quickly my year-long ban of shopping has gone.  And can I just say, it hasn’t been nearly as painful as I thought it would be.  I’ve learned a lot.  So so much.  I’ve cleaned out my wardrobe a ton.  I’ve saved a lot of money (though of course, not as much as I should have).

Although it’s time for honest here – I have transferred my purchasing of clothing to the purchase of cosmetics…  This is pretty much exactly what happened to Ali of My Closet is Full.  Although I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing – I just need to reign it in.  I am getting much better at make-up.  Up until this year I didn’t even know how to blend eyeshadow, I never wore any sort of lip colour,  and my eyebrows were appalling (they’re slowly improving).  So my skills have been on the up and up!  Sure, I’ve made some mistakes along the way (both in terms of techniques and product purchases), but I am pretty certain that is natural for many others when they start out!

As this year has been ticking by, one thought has persisted in the back of my mind.  What am I going to do when it’s over? I know others who have tried to ban themselves for a year and have failed.  Or, gone and binged hugely at the end.  I did it the opposite – and did a big binge buy at the start (a mistake, I might add).  I’ve been desperately trying to work out a plan for when I finish.  Do I limit myself to an annual budget (the worry here is that I’ll just buy lots of cheap or secondhand stuff I never wear – which has been a problem for me here in Dunedin)?  Do I limit myself to a certain number of pieces?  Do I try for a capsule wardrobe (I love this idea but it seems so hard and limiting – I worry my style needs more flexibility)?

After reading this reddit link for like the millionth time, and focusing on the following advice, I think there is only one course of action for me.

Ok, let’s say you still have your heart set on creating a capsule wardrobe. Be aware that you are now playing the game of style in Hard Mode. You will have the highest chances of success with this if you can confidently say the following:

  • Your aesthetic direction has not changed much recently; you can look back at inspiration images you pinned 6-12 months ago and still feel excited about them.

  • You know how to judge the fit of your clothes, when to get things tailored and when to just try a different style instead.

  • You have definite opinions about which silhouettes, inseams, rises, sleeve styles and heel heights look good on you and make you feel comfortable.

  • You are rarely confused about “how to wear” certain clothing items that interest you. You can create outfits with ease.

  • You find it easy to look at an outfit on you or someone else, and determine whether it’s working or not, and why.

  • You have a solid sense of which stores and brands you like, and which items you prefer to buy from each store. You’re comfortable shopping online or in person. You’re able to try things on at one store and dislike them without concluding that a certain type of item NEVER works for you or you can NEVER find a style that you want.

  • You’re not expecting any major changes in geography, job or weight anytime soon.

Continue the shopping ban for another 6 months.  Is this crazy?!  Yes!  Let’s do it.

No but seriously, in the next 6 months, I still want to save money.  D and I are going on a big tramping holiday, and I have no idea what is going to happen jobwise – we want to move overseas but that’s no guarantee at the moment, so why would I build a new wardrobe then move?  I’ve done this whole overseas-move thing before and I now know that you definitely do not want to buy things you think you’ll need.  You really wait until you get there, live there for a while, and then buy what you actually need based on your actual lifestyle.  The same goes for shopping honestly.  You really shouldn’t buy something until you know for sure that you will need it (I’ve definitely learned my lesson here).

So that’s really all there is to it.  A continued ban on shopping, and no major wardrobe overhaul until I’ve started my next job.  Because until then, how can I really know what sort of wardrobe I’ll need?  Exactly.

I promise there will be at least a couple more posts wrapping up my 1 year of no shopping, so please come back!


4 thoughts on “1 year of no shopping – Summary

  1. Hmmmm…. it is interesting to hear how this has been panning out for you. I’d love to hear more about what you learned – both about not shopping and just using what is in your closet (why didn’t you like the begining0binge you went on before the shopping ban? What do you wear/like most after not shopping?) and the make-up stuff (I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to make up)/

    • Absolutely! I did a big binge beforehand and wore only a few of the things I purchased more than a handful of times (some things got a lot of wear, some things almost no wear). I also bought a TON of fabric because I was going to sew all of these dresses and skirts… Yep, only had time to make 1 dress this year!

      It’s actually helped me clarify my style a bit. Putting a hold on shopping makes you think about whether or not you really want to purchase something. I have a lot of pieces in my wardrobe that I purchased in the last 2-5 years that I’m sick of already or barely wear. These are all very bad purchases – I bought them because they were on sale or cheap and now I have buyers remorse!

      I think I still have a lot to learn and practice, but I think I’ll be a more concious consumer from now on. I also want to move my wardrobe to something that works together as a whole a lot better than it does now. I have a lot of pieces that I like, but are really difficult to wear/don’t go with many other items, etc.

      I promise I’ll do more posts on this experiment! 😀

  2. For me, I found it easy to continue the trend after the year of no shopping ended. It became like a second skin. Hehe. I don’t find myself freaking out about things going out of stock and I don’t splurge as much as I used to (as a result of making excuses about how I *needed* this or that). I’m more honest with myself. I think you’ll find your groove eventually. A happy medium *does* exist! ❤

    – Anna


    • Awesome – this is wonderful, reassuring news. Admittedly, I was just in the USA so did some shopping there (everything is buy buy buy! And also, finding things I want that are affordable in NZ is honestly a struggle. Look, here I’m justifying my purchases with excuses already!).

      I DO think I’m getting there simply because I was never tempted to buy any shoes. This is HUGE because of how much I love shoes. So there may be hope for me yet! 😀

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