Fabulous Frock Friday: Wintery Wool Hat

Hey all. Just a quick post today of an outfit from several weeks back. It had been a long while since I’d done Fabulous Frock Friday (it’s been tricky this winter as it’s been A: Freezing cold and B: A lot of my dresses felt too “summery” – so I’ve been slack). I also dug my hat out of the closet, as I hadn’t worn it at all this winter, and you know what? Hats are totally adorable and the perfect cold weather accessory. I wish I had more. Especially more with this spiral pattern (I purchased it from trademe a couple of years ago, it’s handmade).


hat: trademe, cardigan: witchery, dress: modcloth, belt: witchery, tights: witchery?, shoes: dr. martens


Back view

I know you’ve seen this dress a million times, but it’s still one of my faves. And hey, I can even still style it in some slightly new ways.

Are you ready for the change in seasons? I know I am, but then again, we’re about to go into spring and summer, and it’s been a pretty long cold winter here down south.


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