A dose of Spring 2015 Street Style in Dunedin

Hello readers! It’s that time again – where the first rays of spring sunshine encourage Scott and myself to hit the streets to try and document some of Dunedin’s unique street style. Scott has been asked to give a Pecha Kucha presentation on Fashion Photography next month, so we thought we better get out and take some more photos!

Last week was a fantastic time to be out people watching and people stopping. As per usual, Scott and I each had questions for our fashionable friends. Scott wanted to know what defined Fashion, and what defined Style to each person. I went a slightly simpler route and simply asked if they felt they had too many clothes (and of course relevant to my current quest of no shopping).

Calla was our first person who was willing to stop and have a chat about fashion.

_MG_4197 copy

Towel bag – gift, possibly made by her friend’s mum, jersey – from Paris, Shoes – recently purchased from an op shop for $5

Scott and I loved Calla’s very eclectic mix. I especially loved the dichotomy between her very light summery dress and her very wooley (almost furry) looking jersey (which Calla said is the only piece of clothing she owns which her mother likes!).


If it wasn’t already clear from her style, Calla said she loves collecting clothes from Op Shops, and would someday love to own an opshop. The reasoning behind all the op-shopping is both about sustainability and ethics, as well as the quality from older pieces of clothing often is much higher that current “fast fashion”. And shopping from an opshop allows you to use your imagination more when you’re putting together an outfit – Calla is drawn to pieces that draw your attention. She doesn’t necessarily consider what will or won’t make an outfit.

150917StreetStyle004 copy

Detail on Calla’s fantastic ring and glasses. Also, I love her haircut.

When asked about Fashion and Style, Calla said first that it was a hard question! [I hear you!] She felt that fashion was self-expression, she mentioned earlier that she felt the body was a canvas to be adorned. When asked about her current style, she felt it was mostly retro, alternative or hippy but that it depended on her mood. Part of the enjoyment of fashion is the variety.

Calla did admit that yes, she probably had too many clothes, but that for her collecting clothes was a hobby, and that because most of her clothing purchases are made at op shops, she supports a lot of very good causes (hospice, etc.).

We next stopped and chatted with Molly (left) and Jana (right). Both of them said their outfits were inspired by the fine weather – sun in Dunedin usually means it’s time to crack out the legs!  I also loved Molly’s glasses – the gold detailing on the arms made them just a little bit different.

150917StreetStyle010 copy

Molly, like me, is a huge fan of Docs. She has 5 pairs and wears them pretty much every day. Both her jersey and skirt are from Glassons, which she admits is cheap and does the trick!

Jana was also wearing some fab boots which she pretty much lives in, and were a present to and from herself [a woman along my own heart! I mean, if you don’t buy yourself shoes, who will?]. Her jacket was a gift from a friend who just gave it away as it was no longer wanted/need/getting worn.

150917StreetStyle007 copy

We talked at some length about fashion and style with Jana and Molly. Fashion was about outfits that people wear to either be comfortable or to fit in, and usually involved trends. Style was more personal, about making an individual clothing statement.

Jana said yes she had too many clothes, but admitted she could still have more, whereas Molly said she didn’t have enough clothes!

We also had to spend a bit of time talking about accessories, especially rings, which as usual, made me recognize I’m woefully under-accessorized.

150917StreetStyle006 copy

Our final Street Style stop of the day was with Jacob. His very cool t-shirt was from the now defunct free store in Waikouaiti. His rad red jacket came in a pile of clothes that he picked up for $5. Jacob’s fashion sense derived from his shopping method – that is, free and cheap stuff, and he usually just wears whatever he feels like and doesn’t have any fashion or style influences.

150917StreetStyle012 copy

To Jacob, fashion was about the clothes, whereas style is how they look together. Jacob also thought he had too many clothes, but also kind of not at all.

We loved Jacob’s carelessly cool style and thought it was conveyed very well.  Another testimony that you don’t need to buy a lot of expensive stuff.

150917StreetStyle013 copy

150917StreetStyle014 copy

And finally, when we stopped to talk to Jacob, we agreed that if we took his photo, he could take one of us. So here we are – [wow, could I be more un-photogenic here?] (photo credit: Jacob)!

150917StreetStyle018 copy

If you enjoyed reading this post, please check out my friend Scott’s website, and leave a comment about what Fashion is to you, versus Style. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can include whether or not you think you have too many clothes.


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