Inspiration: Black and white that isn’t boring

Lately I’ve been loving very monochromatic looks: simple black and white. So today I thought I’d put together a post of inspiration from our old friend pinterest.

I’m not sure if the idea of minimalism is starting to take root in my brain, or I’ve simply been living in Dunedin too long (we’re infamous for wearing black, black, and more black accessorized with black). But whatever the reason, I find myself daydreaming about putting away all of my non black, white and grey clothing, and creating a monochromatic wardrobe. Seriously, how awesome would that be? Also, how few ridiculously few clothes would I be left with [because everything I  own is either super bright or murky coloured]?

But I can’t help but feel there is something innately elegant about pure black and white. And I feel more these days that I’m over my old style which now feels a bit fussy or twee. I’m trying to move away from that, into something that is distinctly me and not too vanilla, nor too fussy, nor too matronly.

Is anyone else having difficulty navigating fashion in their 30s, or is it just me?

Anyways, I’ll leave you with these inspirational looks instead. Please tell me which is your favourite.

Ok seriously how amazing is this dress? Had to end the post with something spectacular.


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