‘Merica. It was grand. Part 1: Northern Minnesota

Hi readers. Sorry I just left you without a single word of warning. However, if you follow me on Instagram at all, you would have realized that I have been on holiday visiting my homeland of Minnesota.

D and I had a crazy busy adventure, and our 3 weeks flew by.  Our first week was spent hanging out with my family for a few days.  Then we set off on our first great adventure going into the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness).  This is an incredible wilderness area where no motorized vehicles are permitted.  It was fun to show D the area where my parents always took me camping when I was growing up (and almost certainly led to my love of the great outdoors).



BWCA selfie


Sunset from our campsite on Gull Lake


The most beautiful part of our trip – canoeing up a tiny river between portages


Cliff jumping outside of Ely

It’s always kind of interesting coming home and being a tourist in your own state.  I was super stoked to be able to get back into the BWCA because although I’ve managed day trips on my last 2 trips back, I hadn’t done a multi-day overnight trip there since 2010.  It had definitely been too long.

Hope you’ve all been having an amazing summer, and I was very lucky to get to be part of it for 3 whole weeks!


5 thoughts on “‘Merica. It was grand. Part 1: Northern Minnesota

    • Wait wait how close was I to you?! Also, I heard a rumour that you were supposed to be shy and a meet-up would be awkward. 😛 I’m gutted that I missed an opportunity to meet one of my blog friends!

      • Socially awkward for the win (that’s me, by the way). 😀 PBR, by chance? D was not impressed with that one, LOL. We did get try some Spotted Cow, of course. Many of my MN friends are obsessed with it and of course you can only get it in WI!

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