OOTD: Mustard bodycon skirt

Hello readers! Yes, an actual outfit post. Complete with something new!

Mum sent me a skirt for my birthday in addition to the lovely trench coat. It’s a super cute, high-waist, pencil/bodycon skirt. The only problem is that it’s pretty “revealing” in terms of how stretchy/tight it is (the seams from my tights show through very clearly – evidently I need seamless tights or spanx?), plus the light colour. I know usually these skirts are styled with a tucked in or (gasp!) crop top. Unfortunately, crop tops aren’t really my style and, despite our lack of dress code, probably not work appropriate. At least, not in Dunedin.

So what to do? I decided to style the skirt with a long sheer top and a belt.


top: modcloth, belt: thrifted, skirt: gift from mum (BCBG), boots: OTBT


Interesting play on proportion, I hope!

I must say, I find it interesting how light colours do make a person look quite different. Admittedly I’m not the thinnest I’ve ever been at the moment, but I think this particular skirt makes me look like I’m quite pear-shaped (when in actual fact I’m more like a slightly rectangular hourglass).


Another view

I’m not sure I’m 100% satisfied with this look, but it’s a difficult skirt to make work (not forgiving in the slightest). How else would you style this pencil/bandage skirt?


One thought on “OOTD: Mustard bodycon skirt

  1. Rad skirt! That’s an awesome gift! Love the bright yellow with the polka dots. ❤

    I like tucking things in (as I'm sure you've noticed, by now hehe). I dunno what it is with me, but it's just something I do 90% of the time. So, with a form fitting skirt like that one, I would tuck a blousy top into it or wear a form fitting top with it. You're right, though. Skirts like that don't leave much to the imagination, so I get the instinctive desire to cover up a little! You have a beautiful figure, though! 😛 Maybe adding a longer, lightweight cardigan would help, if you choose to go the tucked-in route.

    – Anna


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