An autumnal dose of Dunedin Street Style

Hello readers!  Yes, despite the utter craziness that is my life at the moment, there has still been time to fit in a Street Style session with my friend Scott of Scott MacShane Photography.  This is one of my favourite parts of this blog, where Scott and I stop, photograph and chat with people who are generally much better dressed than we are.

Despite it being a beautiful autumn day, we only managed to grab two passersby.  The first was Demi, who was sporting a truly classic autumn look.  Her bold red oversized jacket was incredibly striking.  Demi said she generally likes loose fitting clothing, which is part of the reason she thinks it’s really important to try things on before buying.  Her scarf is from Taiwan, and her bag is from an online store based in Korea.



I adore Demi's bag

I adore Demi’s bag

Look at the texture on Demi's shoes!

Look at the texture on Demi’s shoes!

Scott and I both loved the details of Demi’s accessories as well, though she said she doesn’t usually wear a lot due to her studies (health related, so she often has to wear a medical gown).  She can only really sport rings and bracelets on her days off, so the rest of the week she trying to add head accessories instead.

We also asked Demi a couple of questions about fashion.  The first was whether she attended the ID fashion show (Dunedin’s big annual fashion event).  Demi, like Scott and I, didn’t make it to ID last month.  Our second question was what could be a big trend for winter and autumn.  Demi thought that wearing several shades of the same colour could be nice, especially grey.

The second person we stopped was Tayla.  We were drawn to her very cool floral top – which was a gift from a friend and came from the UK.  Her fabulous bag was a birthday present from her best friend.  Tayla generally likes retro styles and says she is difficult to buy for – although her friends have done an excellent job!



Wonderful texture on Tayla's bag

Wonderful texture on Tayla’s bag

Scott and I both loved the fringe and bag combo

Scott and I both loved the fringe and bag combo

We also asked Tayla if she made it to any of the Fashion ID events, and sadly she had a big mid term exam on!

So that’s it for the latest edition of Dunedin’s street style.  Until next time!


8 thoughts on “An autumnal dose of Dunedin Street Style

  1. I want to steal that red coat from her. Hehe. Love it! I always enjoy when you do these. If only I weren’t so afraid of people. People really do frighten me. Heh. I’ve seen some amaaazing styles around town, though. I always think, ‘Gah! I wish I had my camera.’ Still, how do you get people to agree to have their photos taken and posted on the internet?! Haha.

    – Anna

    • LOL. Asking people is definitely scary. Especially as the first person ALWAYS says no. But I’m lucky in living in a “student” town – not only is there a vibrant and eclectic fashion scene, but usually students are OK about stopping to have a chat with Scott and I. We also both give out our business cards as well. I *finally* printed business cards for both my blogs. 😀

    • I think opening with a compliment on someone’s outfit is a great opening gambit for starting a conversation with people about being featured on your fashion blog. Most people we stop, if they have time, genuinely seem quite interested in having a short conversation and being featured. It is always good to have a level of professionalism – ask them for a few minutes of their time, tell them what the purpose of the interview is, take notes, and ask for permission to take a couple of photos for your site. It also pays to supply them with a business card with links and give them a time frame when they can expect to see the post they feature in.

      • Rad. Yeah, I totally see what you’re saying here. I love that you guys have business cards, too. That helps to legitimize the whole process. I think I will try to be more accessible by leaving my cocoon and trying to reach out to some of the people around town, because there are many people who deserve recognition for the care they put into the art of dressing.

        Thanks, guys! ❤

      • You sound like you’re in a much more fashionable city than we are. 😀 What’s the population like? We’re around 150k here, I think. So not huge. But luckily we have a large, vibrant University.

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