What I’ve bought at sold – Part 4!


Carryover:  +$32.96

Sold (all via Trademe):

  • Witchery Jumper $5
  • Vintage Dress $10
  • Black heels $35
  • Vintage yellow jacket $9
  • Vintage leather bag $74
  • Dress $9
  • Top $10
  • Tights $5
  • Dress $19

Total: +$208.96


  • Asos bikini $62.14
  • Down jacket $107.15 + $36.25 (shipping from the USA) on sale
  • Fleece trousers $50 on sale

Total: -$255.54

Grand total: -$46.58

So here’s what happened!  In my defence, all of my purchases were tramping related.  The ASOS bikini was definitely an impulse buy.  I suddenly decided I needed a new, more stylish tramping bikini even though it is the middle of winter right now!  And, since it is the middle of winter and we’ve been tramping, I realized I didn’t have enough warm clothes, hence the down jacket and the fleece trousers.  I know fleece trousers for $50 seems ridiculous – they were on sale, would you believe it?  From MacPac.

The good news is I haven’t completely fallen off the wagon yet.  The bad news is, I’m officially in the hole, and trademe seems to be slowing down a lot these days.  Only 3 more months to go though.  Hopefully I can still come out even (or on top).


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