What I’ve bought and sold – Part 3!

Carryover: $130.07


  • Silk/merino tank $15
  • Sneakers: $23
  • Dress: $5
  • Floral tank top: $5
  • Black and white shoes: $25
  • Messenger bag (ok, maybe it’s not exactly clothing, but I’m counting it towards my budget!): $35
  • Silk/merino tank $14
  • Portmans black dress $5
  • Silk/merino cardigan $55
  • Printed platform heels (that I’ve owned for at least 5 years and never worn) $25


  • Merino fabric (2m) $38.40
  • White tank top $10.00
  • With my big research study starting, I decided I could use a couple of tops. I ended up getting two of my favorite knitted linen tops from Max (a store I almost never shop at) for $44.98. Not too shabby.
  • Secondhand Nine west heels to wear to a wedding – $26.90 including postage (and of course, didn’t end up wearing because I ended up changing dresses at the last minute).  😦
  • Witchery Cardigan that I’ve been wanting (stalking?) for ages – $79.92
  • Envelope clutch for the above wedding $49.00
  • Tights/nylons for the above wedding $12.00
  • Crocs – $19.99.  Ok, hear me out – I know they are horrible, and mine aren’t even real but they make really great camp/hut shoes for tramping!
  • Witchery Espadrilles – $23.42 – I received a $20 Witchery voucher for my birthday…  and they were on sale.  Did I need them?  No.  Impulse purchase?  Yes.  But they’re cute and I don’t regret it too much.

Current total: $32.96!!!  I was doing so well too – it seems like I had heaps of money in my budget. And then after the Witchery Cardigan (which I desperately wanted) and the Wedding… well, it’s all gone!  😦  I need to do some more trademe sales ASAP!  Wish me luck!


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