OOTD: Out on the town

So this past weekend I had a bachelorette party to attend (called a “hen’s do”, here in NZ). I actually managed to snap a couple of photos before heading out to dinner.

I don’t often do elaborate hair and make-up so had to actually get a photo of the result. This is my fave go to special occasion hair – “beachy waves”. I’ve also done pretty full on make-up. Definitely don’t have the time or energy to do this every day.

Beachey waves

Beachey waves

The dress was a recent purchase in my quest to find a LBD for cheap on trademe. I picked this one up for $25 NZD. Ok, perhaps it’s not really the height of style at the moment, but I like it. It fits well, it’s in good condition – it’s a nice, basic dress and very easy to wear.

You might be wondering why we took photos in the kitchen…  It was pouring with rain and I wasn’t about to go out and stand for photos wearing a velvet dress and having done my hair.  So apologies there.

dress: trademe (portmans), shoes: irregular choice

dress: trademe (portmans), shoes: irregular choice

Now, finally the shoes. Um, I can’t believe I’ve never featured these shoes before, as they are perhaps the primo pair of my collection. Sure, I’ve had them for nearly four years, but they are definitely going out shoes. So admittedly they don’t get worn nearly as often as they should. However, even this past weekend I was still getting compliments on them from randoms in a bar… despite them being nearly 4 years old. Who needs classic when you have awesome?

We’re off to the wedding this weekend, so here’s hoping I can grab some more photos of “hey, look, I dressed up!”.


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