OOTD: Feminine Floral

Such a super quick post today. This is actually yesterday’s outfit. I have some catching up to do. But I was really pleased with this look.

We’ve been having a lot of beautiful weather lately, so it was fun to put together a very summery look using some more muted colours. I paired this look with a grey cardigan as well (sadly not pictured). Can’t wait to re-mix it for colder weather using tights – I think it will transition beautifully into a nice autumn look.

top: trademe, skirt: trademe, boots: OTBT Hutchinson

top: trademe, skirt: trademe, boots: OTBT Hutchinson



Things have been seriously, seriously crazy around here. D and I have been tramping that last 2 weekends in a row, so yes, I also need to catch up on my other blog. Furthermore, work is really ramping up as my project is about to take off – which is both exciting and a little stressful.

The upside of all this crazy busy madness is that I haven’t had much time to think about my wardrobe, apart from “is this clean?”. I think this is probably an excellent change of pace – it’s great when I’m so busy that I don’t have time to dwell on my shortcomings – wardrobe, life or otherwise.

I’d like to create more looks like the one above. It’s still a mix of prints and textures, which I love, but in more subdued tones. I like this a lot, and think it could be a great style direction for me to try to move towards.


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