Dunedin Street Style Feb 12, 2015

Last week, Scott of Scott Macshane Photography and I headed out to do a street style shoot. Things have been pretty busy for me lately, so we had to try and squeeze it in over my lunch hour, and were not having any luck at all. Scott mentioned how he was in Christchurch the other week, and people there seemed to be more well dressed than their Dunedin counterparts. Just as we were heading back to the University, and nearly ready to give up for the day, we ran into Lizzie and Adam who very kindly agreed to have their photos taken and have a chat with us. And lo and behold, they were in Dunedin on holiday, from Christchurch…


Lizzie & Adam

What immediately struck Scott and myself were the quality and details in both Lizzie and Adam’s outfits. Their sense of style is simply immaculate, which is not too surprising given they both work at a major Christchurch Department Store. We were pretty awed with Adam’s amazing suit – and again, he works with the Cambridge Clothing company which is a men’s suiting company. The Blazer Adam was sporting was from Joe Black.

It’s safe to say that I was also immediately drawn to their shoes – the quality of the workmanship in the shoes is very evident, and this is a great example of how great shoes can really bring a together an outfit.

Lizzie's shoes

Lizzie’s shoes – also I’m loving the printed socks!

Adam's shoes

Adam’s shoes

Our question for the day was “Who is your fashion icon and why?” Lizzie loved how her Grandmother made her own clothing, while Adam likes Brandon Flowers (lead singer of the Killers) – especially his creative neck ties.

Glasses detail

Glasses detail

Watch detail

Watch detail

Scarf and pocket detail

Scarf and pocket detail

To their credit, Lizzie and Adam admitted that they picked up their stunning scarves in Dunedin, as the weather was unexpectedly chilly!

We also spent a great deal of time discussing New Zealand Men’s fashion, and all agreed that kiwi men could use more style. Adam has a lot of experience working with men’s suits, and he provided a great deal of insight as to why there is apathy by kiwi men towards suits. Kiwi men are generally very casual, and don’t buy a suit until they need one. There is also the perception that suits are very expensive, which doesn’t have to be case – looking good doesn’t need to take a lot of money or effort – you really just need to hit the sales racks. Also, finding a brand that fits your body type well is important (I personally think almost nothing looks worse than an ill-fitting suit).  Often men are in jackets that are too big and boxy. It’s important to get everything tailored, regardless of your body shape.

So a huge thanks again to Lizzie and Adam for taking time on your holiday to stop and chat with Scott and myself about fashion.  We were both inspired by your elegant style!


9 thoughts on “Dunedin Street Style Feb 12, 2015

    • Sorry I should have put that in the post – I have written in my notes “English Lights” but cannot for the life of me find the site… I did, however, find afinepairofshoes.co.uk which had similar ones.

      • Cool site. I’ve gotten a taste of finer shoes recently and can’t go back to the $50 pair of throw-aways that I normally used to just get at Macy’s. A good pair of brown shoes are the next item on my footwear wishlist.

        And sorry for the double comment. I submitted the first and then got confused when it didn’t show up, so typed and submitted again only to realize that the comments are moderated. I feel like this is a slippery slope towards senility. Next time, I will submit the same comment three times before realizing my error, then four times, and so on. These 32.5 years on Earth have worn my poor brain out.

      • LOL. No worries. I don’t get a ton of comments here so a double comment is like a bonus. 😀 I also don’t have many male readers so it’s nice to have you weigh in.

        Yes I’m a pretty firm believer these days in high quality footwear. I’ve become a pretty big fan of genuine leather – I don’t know that I can ever go back.

        And a man who wears nice, quality stylish shoes speaks volumes!

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