Skinnys are out… flares are in?

Is it just me or is anyone else really not prepared for flares to be back in?  Apparently they’re on their closer than you think.  To be honest, I still have flared jeans in my closet (think 7 for all mankind dojos).  I was probably the biggest adopter of super flared bellbottom trousers of anyone I knew from about 1998-2005+.  I LOVED them.  The bigger, the better (I always bought the 30″ flares from delia*s and alloy back in the day…  Yes I am showing my age here).  I didn’t own my first pair of skinnys until probably about 2008?  And even then, I still wore the flares from time to time.

Elena Perminova in Chloe just last month

So it’s hard for me to think of flares being “back” (did they ever really leave me, personally?  no).  But I’m also not going to throw out all of my skinny jeans*.

Wide leg linen trousers from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie: Wow. Even the colour screams 1970s…

I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for 1970s fashions again, but it’s hard.  Seriously though, didn’t we just do this decade like, I dunno, 15 years ago?  Is it just me or are the fashion cycles getting shorter and shorter?  For the past 2-3 years it’s been 1990s grunge and prior to that it was all 1980s influenced and surely, surely we can look to more than just the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s for inspiration, right?  Like, heck, let’s go with the 1870s or something, to really freshen things up…

Vignon 1869-1870, Victoria & Albert Museum

What? No that’s not practical? Oh bummer. Well in that case let’s do something genuinely new and innovative with clothing silhouettes. I’m sure we haven’t maxed ourselves out yet.

How are you feeling about flares/bellbottoms and the return of all things 1970s?

*I’ll just store them away again for 2-3 years… then bust them out again as “retro skinny”. What? Too cynical. Ugh, fashion cycles… am I getting old, lazy or just plain bored with current fashion? I’m certain that skinny jeans and flares/bellbottoms/whatever can live harmoniously side by side in my closet.


6 thoughts on “Skinnys are out… flares are in?

  1. Noooooo. Not ready!! I’m completely weirded out that the 90s are in and that I’m finally the age where I’m wearing trends the second time around. Flares was high school and college….so not ready.

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