The Cheapest Generation… and fashion

Did anyone else read this article about Gen Y being The Cheapest Generation? It sums up pretty nicely how the values of many Gen Y Americans (which, although I hate to be called Gen Y, I technically fall into).

I’m wondering if a simpler wardrobe is a trend as well? Based on economics or values or something? It seems like more and more fashion bloggers and women in their mid 20s-30s are looking to simplify their wardrobes, and adopt a uniform, a capsule wardrobe or a french wardrobe of some sort.  I feel all I’ve been hearing lately is “neutrals” “basics” “quality” – oh my!

But what I want to know is WHY? Is this neutrals/basics/capsule thing a trend? Or is this a reflection of something else? Backlash against consumer culture? Is it a factor of economics? Or is it a larger change?  A change in generational values, like the Gen Y article about how Gen Yers aren’t as focused on owning a car or a house (we need to pay off all of our student debt first!).

Economics plays a big factor in fashion. Our consumer buying habits say a lot about the health of the economy (I think we’ve all heard the anecdote that lipstick sales go up during a recession, as women buy that instead of apparel).

What do you think?  Is there a big shift in fashion thinking towards “less is more”, or is a capsule wardrobe just another trend?


3 thoughts on “The Cheapest Generation… and fashion

  1. I think it’s a combination of people not having enough money to the trends evolving towards simplicity again. After the grunge 90’s was a time where the sleek business look was the thing to wear. In my opinion, people are poor and fashion always comes back around — so there ya go. 😀


  2. I feel like it’s definitely a trend right now and that as a society, we always come full circle. People like change and after being bombarded with excess and consumerism for a while now, this idea of minimalism is a refreshing change (though there are always exceptions, I think it can and will be a permanent change for some).

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