I hate all my clothes

Humph.  This fashion journey I’ve decided to go on is a bit of a bumpy ride.  I mean, I guess I knew it would be when I decided that I needed to overhaul both my style and my wardrobe, but still.

Today, as I was walking into work in what had previously been one of my favourite summery outfits (pictured here), all I could think of is: I hate this outfit.  What happened?  I used to love this outfit (look at the pose I’ve struck – I’m thinking I look soooo cool – you can just tell).  The fit of the linen trousers, so cool and summery.

And as I was walking, I saw a girl dressed sort of like this:

More chic than thou.

And all I could think was – why am I not wearing something cute like that? As an side, that outfit is from a blog post from 2 years ago. Um, how did I get so out of touch where I wish I was wearing a style from 2 years ago? I mean, lets be honest, I still don’t own anything chambray. By the time I do, that trend will probably be over.

In all seriousness though, what happened? My bright chic summery linen trousers felt like clown trousers. 😦

I’m trying to decide if I attempt to over-dye them a more neutral colour, or if it’s not even worth it? I think possibly not – they don’t seem to fit me as well as I remember. So why keep something in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit, right? I try very hard not to.

I mean, these have been in my wardrobe for nearly 5 years. Pretty amazing for yellow pants, I would say. How long do you typically keep something you love in your wardrobe? What sort of lifespan seems reasonable for an item of clothing?


11 thoughts on “I hate all my clothes

  1. I think that’s totally normal. I find the lifespan of most things (except those super classic pieces like a LBD or jeans) in my closet to be about 3-4 years. Our tastes changes, our bodies change, and also fashion styles changes. Its time to donate those yellow trousers and find some more clothes that fit your current style. I find myself sticking more to neutrals and classic pieces instead of the super fun and flashy stuff that I once gravitated to.

    • I am totally in agreement in that neutrals seem to be what I’m gravitating towards at the moment. I think I have so many statement pieces that my wardrobe is unbalanced. I think it’s also a trend thing – basics and neutrals seem to be very in at the moment.

      Or are we just getting old?! I also worry about this now that I’m in my 30s… I wonder if I’m becoming a boring old person who doesn’t wear fun stuff anymore. Thoughts?

  2. I keep nearly everything, and I accept that about myself, so I’ve become really careful about what I buy and try to only buy good quality that will hold up over time. When I get tired of unique items, I put them away, and then I get them out later – sometimes years later. I really do keep things for five years (or more) and then take them out when they feel like “me” again. The only time I truly get rid of things is generally when I realize I’ve made a bad purchase that either didn’t really fit right, or actually never felt like me in the first place. I know, it goes against all conventional advice, but its what I do. (And I don’t think its too terrible, because it means I buy less, and I hardly ever cause a garment to be thrown away.)

    I also sometimes do things like dye or change things, but in the case of the yellow pants, I wonder if its better to just put them away for awhile and re-approach later. Because maybe you could dye them and they look good, but maybe later the perfect time for yellow pants comes around again?

    • Thanks for the wonderful advice! I do save some pieces that I love. But I also definitely have some “hoarder” tendencies, so sometimes I try to be ruthless and get rid of stuff (just because I have so much!). I like this idea a lot though! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. This happens to me constantly! One minute I’m hot stuff in my Juicy Couture tracksuit (circa 2005, cringe), the next I’m wondering if I need to reevaluate my life choices. I’ve been trying to be better about buying more classic pieces lately, the struggle is real.

      • I would say a “classic” is anything you wouldn’t be horrified to look back at in photos in 5 years? But I’m riding the “mom jean” trend pretty hard ride now, so I’m really not one to talk!!

      • Yes, but I’m horrified at many of the things I wore even 2-3 years ago so…? *sigh*

        Haha, I’m way too old for the mom jean trend… I would actually look like a mom!

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