New year, new approach

Why do I do these things to myself? Here it is mid-January and I’ve started projects that were in no way part of my original resolutions/goals for 2015!

…A little background. Instead of reading all of your lovely blogs, I’ve been sucked into reading reddit. Lately I had been enjoying reading reddit’s make-up and fashion advice, particularly that related to capsule wardrobes (limiting yourself to ~20-30 pieces only per season) or the French style of dressing (a wardrobe of basics, and you limit to 5 new items per season).

Since I’m on a year long ban, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try my hand at creating a capsule wardrobe. This will help me streamline and clear out my wardrobe (I have a hard time culling items and have somehow amassed a massive wardrobe of stuff I love too much to get rid of, but can’t really wear – so needless to say that it doesn’t really work that well apart from taking up a ton of space). So I created a capsule wardrobe (based on items already in my wardrobe), posted it to reddit looking for feedback and in typical reddit style, more or less got sort of slammed.

Capsule attempt

Capsule attempt

Why do I even go on that stupid site? I don’t know if the commenters didn’t read my intro (I found items that most closely resembled items I already had in my closet). So when they said things like the colours I chose were bad (jewel tones are out), coloured tights don’t make any sense (coloured tights must also be out), and coloured belts shouldn’t be paired with neutral coloured dresses… That being pretty much all that I wear, My first thought is “I should just give up. Clothes. Fashion. Fashion Blogging. I hate it all.”

Ok, so building a capsule wardrobe wasn’t going to happen on the first try, but jeez. My fashion emotions are feeling a little bit bruised.

Nonetheless I still desperately want a smaller, more functional wardrobe. BUT I don’t want to just look like everybody else. For example, why are there so many plain t-shirts in these capsule wardrobes? Ugh. I do own a lot of threadless tees but honestly, plain t-shirts are really not my style any more. So I think I’ll give those a miss, staple or no.

However, I can’t do this capsule wardrobe 100%. There is no way in hell I am throwing out all my dresses. Do I have too many dresses? Yes. Do I need to get rid of some? Yes. Am I going to throw them all out? No. Because I’m going to keep fabulous frock Friday. Is that cheating? Probably. Do I care? No. Yes, I can try and do this minimalist wardrobe thing, but I still need to have a retro/bright/obnoxious/conversation print dress outlet. So my collection of fabulous frocks stays.

And what do I do about my vintage pieces?  How do you work your love of vintage into a capsule wardrobe?!

So now I’m reading about colours, reading un-fancy, how to start from scratch and of course, and generally going to try to go through my closet and aim for this minimalist, understated approach. I think I’m probably a “dark autumn”. Autumn is always the season where I like to do most of my shopping as the colours suit me best.


Sadly, no cobalt or magenta. *sniff sniff* Lots of pukey reds though. I hate red. *sigh*

So maybe a capsule wardrobe is too limiting for me.  At least I’m going to start with a good solid ruthless purge (I’ve started, but got distracted over the weekend by the beautiful weather…  went to the beach instead of purging).

Anyone else out there struggling with their wardrobe, blogging, building a minimalist wardrobe, etc? Let’s commiserate.


3 thoughts on “New year, new approach

  1. First of all, you need to have clothes that YOU like in your wardrobe. If it a something you rarely wear, there is probably a good reason for it to be purged. And, of course, different people have their own opinions on clothes. Trust your OWN judgement – you know what you like and what looks good ( and importantly makes you feel good) when you wear it!!

  2. Hmm.. I’ve never heard of this practice and I’m not sure what to think of it, really. Haha. In my case, if I haven’t worn a certain clothing item in over a year, I put it up for swap/sale and if they don’t sell or get swapped within a reasonable time frame, then I donate. So, that helps to cut down on an overflowing wardrobe. I’ve never tried to have a “minimalist” wardrobe, though. I like to have options. The less you have, the fewer combinations you can make. That being said, I think you can still achieve what you’re going for even if you’re adding to new inventory. For example, instead of buying a yellow skirt and a yellow top, I’ll buy a yellow dress. If it’s the right cut, I can wear it as a top and as a skirt. So, that’s three garments in one. 😀

    If I have two skirts of the same color, that’s usually because there’s enough of a difference in the color to warrant having them both. For example, I have three yellow sweaters, but they’re all different shades of yellow and some of those shades work better with certain other colors. Basically, as long as you can justify the purchase (i.e. why do I have this and is it getting worn more than once a year?), I think you should be OK! I just try to make as many color, pattern, shape combinations as I can. When I run out of ideas or if I find that I could use something in particular to get more out of what I already have, then I make a purchase and call it essential.

    – Anna

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