2014: Year in review

Um Wow. Where the heck did 2014 go? Anyone else feel the year sped by so fast it deserved a speeding ticket – or is that just me? :/

Time to review my 2014 goals and how I did:

  1. Graduate – YES!  Done!
  2. Buy the camera of my dreams – Olympus OMD EM5 – and a macro lens.  Take beautiful amazing awe-inspiring tramping photos.  – YES (er, sort of)!  D very generously bought one for my for graduation.  It takes amazing, awe-inspiring tramping photos.
  3. Save money.  Lots and lots of money.  ($5K minimum but $10K+ would be better) – NO!  Epic fail.
  4. Take D to MN.  – Nope!  We went to London instead.
  5. Get my tattoo removed. – Another no here. 
  6. Do as much tramping as possible.  Maybe the hump ridge?  Routeburn in winter?  – Yes to tramping.  No, sadly neither the hump ridge or the Routeburn were ticked off, but we did a lot of tramping this year.
  7. Run the Dunedin half-marathon (Sept).  – Another no.  Stupid leg injury.
  8. Do the Kepler Challenge (Dec). – YES!!  Holy crap yes I actually did this.
  9. Only allowed to buy 1 dress and 1 skirt – all the rest must be handmade by yours truly.  – Nope.  But now I’m on a 1 year shopping ban so we’ll see how that goes instead.

I wouldn’t say I did too badly.  The only one I’m truly sad about is not saving any money.  This was an absolutely epic fail on my part – definitely to be remedied in 2015.

Other highlights from this year:

  • My family coming out to NZ.  Showing them around my home for the last 7 years was fantastic.  And when am I ever going to have another holiday with my adult sisters (sans husbands and kiddos – as much as I love them it was great getting my sisters alone!) and parents?
  • Um, London.  I know it’s mentioned above, but still.  3 weeks in London visiting my sister was such an amazing holiday!
  • Tramping.  We did a number of fantastic trips this year (read all about them on backcountry hijinks) and intend to do more in 2015!
  • SEWING!  Several dresses, costumes and my uber nerdy duvet cover.  Overall very pleased.


I hope your 2014 was filled with a great many successes!  Here’s hoping 2015 will be just as epci!


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