OOTD: Stripey and summery

Hey, it’s almost starting to feel a little bit like summer here!

I’m excited to share 2 of the pieces I picked up in prep for my shopping ban. A stripey top and some very cute blue sandals.

I’m really loving stripes at the moment but didn’t actually have much in the way of stripes in my closet, so thought this top would be a good, versatile addition (expect to see it styled several different ways in the upcoming months!). Blue sandals probably weren’t essential, but they were on clearance and looked super comfy and I am totally still digging cobalt blue this summer. I won’t mention where they were purchased as I shall not be promoting said company on my blog any more… But if you follow me regularly I’m sure you can guess where they were purchased from (let’s all hope they don’t fall apart next time I wear them, hm?).

cardi: my ex-work, top: the limited, skirt: trademe, sandals: we don't mention this company's name anymore!

cardi: my ex-work, top: the limited, skirt: trademe, sandals: we don’t mention this company’s name anymore!

Hair in the face!

Hair in the face!

So blue!

So blue!

And so comfy!

And so comfy!

I shall make some half-hearted apologies for the beautiful summery photos. I’m sure my northern hemisphere readers may possibly want to murder me. Swings and roundabouts, my friends, swings and roundabouts. Here it is already the longest day of the year and there hasn’t been a single beach mission or bbq. I can’t believe the days are already going to get shorter and we haven’t even come close to summer yet! Here’s hoping January, February and March will deliver some sunshine and heat!


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