Where have all the good sleeves gone?

I was inspired by Julie from Petite Poisson to do a post about sleeves. More specifically, their notable absence from dresses. I hadn’t actually realized it until Julie pointed it out, but it’s nearly impossible to buy a dress with sleeves.

And let’s be honest, it makes sense. The manufacturer can charge the same amount, but they save money because sleeves take up a lot of fabric.

Furthermore, ultra toned arms have become a status symbol, and sleeveless super brightly coloured dresses have mostly become the uniform for women in the public spotlight. Hence long-sleeved dresses have somehow disappeared from our current fashion ideology (will sleeves go the same way as hats?!).

So what do you do if you can’t buy a dress with sleeves? You make one, of course! Somehow, sewing pattern companies – Burda, in particular – still make dress patterns with full sleeves. These are my faves:

McCalls M7015

New Look 6070 (the sketch has a full sleeve)

New Look 6000 – A couple of different options here

Burda 7137 – a couple of variations on this one as well!

Burda 7012 – 2 very different variations.

Burda 6975 – A basic sleeved dress

Burda 6848 – another basic, but could translate into a cute staple with the right fabric (assuming proper fit!)

Burda 7176 – And finally one for those who want something a bit vintage…

Which one is your fave (I ask because I feel I probably should make a dress with sleeves now!)? Fortunately, I have at least 6 months until it is properly winter again here.


4 thoughts on “Where have all the good sleeves gone?

  1. I’m salivating over all of these SLEEVES. The red one with the Peter Pan collar in particular is a must-have! I feel like sleeves are SLOWLY making a comeback, but the majority of winter/holiday dresses are definitely still sleeveless, grrrr.

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