Food for thought: Why successful people wear the same thing every day

Did anyone else see this article in the Elite Daily, about how deciding what to wear every day sucks up brainpower, and that our life is frittered away by materialism?  It popped up on my facebook feed today.  Of course I had to read it.  I suggest you do to.

…..And then I thought about how utter bull***t it was.  This article was the worst kind of pseudo-science.  A few examples – all of which were men, by the way – and suddenly we can deduce that the rich, successful elite are so far above us that they don’t need to think about what they wear.  They are too busy solving much more important world problems than to give a second thought about clothing they wear every day.

Here’s the thing.  You’re right, they probably don’t have to think about what they wear, or how much it cost, or whether people will judge them by it.  Or even whether they have enough clean socks to get by a few more days without doing laundry.  Also, did I mention all the examples given were men?

Now let’s compare women in more or less similar positions.  Hillary Clinton, Oprah, Martha Stewart, even Michelle Obama.  Are they wearing the same thing every day?  No.  Because as a woman you absolutely cannot get away with wearing the same exact thing every day.  It’s called a double standard.  Sure, all of these women have a team of stylists and personal shoppers.  They too, probably they don’t have to think about what they wear as much as us ordinary plebs.  They can pay other people to.  Because women will be judged on their appearance much more than any man.  And as a woman, the higher you climb, the more you will be judged.  Because being a successful woman is an open invitation to comment on your body and appearance.

So the Elite Daily article is all fine and dandy, and as a woman if you truly want, you can develop a uniform look.  But for me, that would probably take most of the fun out of getting dressed.  Because for me, fashion and clothing are [supposed to be] fun.  A way to express our individuality, and a way to influence the way we are perceived.  A uniform doesn’t allow much flexibility in that extent.

Ok, end rant.

What is your take of the Elite Daily article?  Or am I the only one who thought the entire article, although not without merit, was wholly preposterous?


4 thoughts on “Food for thought: Why successful people wear the same thing every day

  1. Yeah I didn’t read the article but I agree that it sounds like a bunch of crap. I agree with you that fashion is a way of expressing individuality or just having fun. So I dont mind having my ‘brain power’ being sucked by ‘choosing an outfit every day’ – in fact I insist on it.

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